Veterinary Library COVID-19 Update

The Veterinary Library is closed until further notice. Veterinary Library staff will provide virtual reference assistance, fill online requests, while working remotely. Many of our resources are online. Electronic resources, such as journals and databases are available 24/7 through the library catalog, Canvas, and other University web pages. For information about accessing resources off campus, …

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New Library Web Site

The Veterinary Library has a new web site… The new site is in beta. We welcome any comments you may have. Beginning April 6th, we will redirect you from our old site to our new site. We hope you find our new site easy to use and navigate!   posted 03/13/2020

Abundance of Anatomy

Search our library catalog for “anatomy” and you’ll find hundreds of books, journals, software and AV materials. Some things are online and some are in the library. There are lots of species represented… small, large, domestic, ruminant, lab, exotic, avian, amphibian, reptile, primate, chordate and vertebrate. The topics range from basic anatomy to clinical, neurological, …

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Farmers Market Resumes

The Farmers’ Market has started back up for the 2019 season. We had some beautiful donations of cucumbers, peppers, squash and eggplant. All of the money collected is donated to the Travis Fund for Needy Animals. The market is located just inside the Library entrance, in Loew Medical Education Center.   posted 07/26/2019

One Health

Almost every topic in the news today has a One Health component. The Library has created a display to show some of the One Health topics and issues that are of concern: public health, veterinary medicine, human medicine, wildlife management, environmental health, climate change… the list goes on. National One Health Day is November 3rd. …

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Library Suggestion Box

We have gotten some comments in our suggestion box in the past year. I have decided to interpret ‘Library’ as the entire Loew Medical Education Center building when answering the suggestions. Could we please replace the old ticking clocks with silent (potentially digital) ones? — Yes, we are ordering a new (hopefully) ‘silent’ clock. There …

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Celebrate Diversity

To celebrate Diversity Month, the library asked for input on four statements. Here is what we heard and this is what it looked like. Describe yourself with one word. life-enriching positivity one-of-a-kind resourceful driven sensitive creative (twice) unapologetically me I’m a doer private awkward introvert What is a part of your identity that you hide? …

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Celebrate National Library Week!

The week of April 8th is National Library Week. In recognition of this, Tufts Now has stories about each of the Tufts Libraries. The Veterinary Library article features our oldest book (1571, The Rules of riding… in Italian); most popular item (laptops); unusual items; and interesting new books. posted 4/11/2019

EBVM & EBM Databases

Essential Evidence Plus is the latest addition to the Tufts Libraries’ collection of tools for finding evidence-based medicine literature. It includes some veterinary topics. For a more complete search of the EBVM/EBM literature, try some of the other tools listed below. BestBets for Vets: Begun by the University of Nottingham, BETs are reviews of the …

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Fun things to do over winter break

Did you know that Tufts Libraries have online movie and music collections, in addition to the thousands of online books, journals, databases and podcasts? Find any of the things in the list by searching the Tufts University web site or the Tufts Library Catalog. Streaming video collections Swank Digital Campus Kanopy OntheBoards Medici PBS Video …

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We now have four ways to a print at Tufts: [NEW] Upload your print job by logging on to with your Tufts username and password. [NEW] Email or with your print job as an attachment. You will need to register your Tufts or non-Tufts email the first time you submit a print …

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JAVMA instructions for authors updated

The JAVMA instructions for authors have just been updated, the first time since 2004. Since many of you publish in JAVMA,  Here is the JAVMA editorial announcing the update.  AVMA resources for authors include: Instructions for authors AVMA Manuscript Central Copyright Assignment Agreement and Authorship Form Guidelines for Preparations for Scientific Abstracts posted 01/27/2017


Do you need to have some fun? Run around a little? Clear your mind? The library has some games you can check out. We have a football, soccer ball, volley ball, paddle ball, hacky sack, frisbee, Twister, Backgammon and a deck of cards. Take a study break and check out one of our “toys”. posted …

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Client Communications

Library staff and our student workers have created a display about client communications. It’s a combination of books and journal articles in our collection. It’s just inside our door. Here is what the library student workers picked out… Beyond customer service: keeping clients for life by Richard F. Gerson Client satisfaction pays: quality service for …

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Online Treats @ Tufts

Tufts Libraries have all kinds of things in our collections. In addition to the thousands of electronic journals, books and databases, here are a few of our other online resources that you might enjoy checking out. Mango Languages Designed to give users comprehensive conversational language and grammar skills. The basic course (10 lessons) focuses on …

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Loew maintenance has begun

The maintenance work finally really got started this week with power washing the exterior of the building. It’s relatively quiet today, but will probably be noisy next Friday 6/12. The work scheduled for the next couple of weeks includes: power washing the building in preparation to repairing the bricks and mortar, HVAC work, some demolition …

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Loew Deferred Maintenance Project

Loew Medical Education Center will be undergoing a deferred maintenance project this summer. The work will include replacing the roof, chillers and boilers, repointing bricks, replacing windows and addressing moisture problems. There will be days when there is no air conditioning and there will be some power outages. Please call and ask us what work …

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Celebrate spring

The Veterinary Library is celebrating spring! The Cummings Community Garden had a seed planting workshop on March 25. Approximately 20 people joined together to plant seeds, learn about growing seeds, ask questions and share expertise. Some of these seedlings are now “living” in the library, enjoying the beautiful, abundant light we get through our windows. …

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New E-Books (some of which are newer than others)

Happy New Year! I would like to highlight the 16 electronic books we just bought, plus some that will be coming in 2015. In addition to the books the Veterinary Library buys, the Tufts Libraries buy thousands of electronic books each year, too many to list here. Links to our electronic books are in the …

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Cummings Authors on Display

Cummings staff have authored publications on many subjects over the years. Come see the book display in the library. The topics include: anatomy anesthesia animal welfare behavior equine neonatal medicine ethics exotics & birds genetics goat medicine hematology international veterinary medicine neurobiology oncology physiological chemistry physiology practice management radiography surgery ultrasonography.   posted 11/17/2014

Open Access Week, Oct. 20-24, 2014

The Tufts Scholarly Communication Team is celebrating Open Access Week with seminars about research data management and scientific publishing. They have information about OA Week on their website and a full list of events. The Tufts Scholarly Communications Team’s goal is to provide information for faculty, staff, and students about all aspects of the process used …

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Banned Books Week, Sep 21-27

Celebrate the Freedom to Read September 21−27, 2014 Banned Books Week is an annual event, highlighting the value of free and open access to information and drawing attention to the harms of censorship. Check out this article posted by the American Library Association which includes a link to frequently challenged books. For more information on …

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One Health Display in the Library

What does ‘One Health’ mean to you? Come see the display in the Veterinary Library.  We are proud to feature posters created by our students, articles written by our faculty, a local newspaper article featuring one of our students, in addition to other materials. Tufts at Tech Education and Partnerships in One Health by Dr. …

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Your body language shapes who you are

This isn’t library related, but it’s a very interesting video presentation given by Amy Cuddy, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, where she studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments affect people from the classroom to the boardroom. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are   posted 2/21/2014

Information prescription?

Have you ever thought about giving your clients an information prescription? Directing them to some web sites where they can learn more about their pet’s disease or treatment? Here is an interesting article to read. Kogan LR, Schoenfeld-Tacher R, Gould L, Viera AR, Hellyer PW.  Providing an information prescription in veterinary medical clinics: a pilot …

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International Open Access Week

October 21-27 is International Open Access Week ! There has been a lot of buzz in the news about open access with the recent “sting” article in Science by John Bohannon and Nature’s special edition on the Future of Publishing.  Two interesting commentaries about the sting article, written by people in the Harvard Office for  …

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Search & access data respositories

Tufts has a new database that focuses on searching for and accessing data repositories. Data Citation Index allows researchers to search and assess research data from data repositories across disciplines and around the world. Search for research data, including data studies, data sets from a wide range of international data repositories and connect them with …

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New Round of Open Access Publishing Awards

The Provost’s Office announced a new round of funding for open access publishing. Applications for the next round of awards are due February 7, 2013 with notification in February 2013. For more information about the Provost’s Open Access Fund, visit Scholarly Communications at Tufts University. The web site describes what open access is, some of …

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Open Access Publishing

Open Access Week was October 22-28, 2012. The week has past, but publishing in open access journals and the issues surrounding open access are still present. The Scholarly Communications at Tufts University web site describes “open access”, some of the issues, and provides information about the Provost’s Open Access Fund. Applications for the next round …

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TCSVM Authors

A new Library display features TCSVM authors. Come see Dr. Kumar’s just published clinical anatomy book and new editions of Dr. Engelking’s books. Also on display are books about animal rights, goat medicine, anesthesia, critical care, diagnostic imaging, hemoparasites, and more. And did you know… TCSVM faculty, staff and students have published nearly 100 articles …

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Farmer’s Market in the Library

A small, informal Farmer’s Market is taking place every Tuesday and Friday in the Library. Some gardeners, overwhelmed by their harvest, have decided to try selling their surplus vegetables and fruit. All proceeds collected are being donated to the Travis Fund. The first two market days were very successful. So far there have been tomatoes, …

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Olympics and Humor

The summer Seaverns Equine Collection displays encompass the Olympics and humor. Visit the Library and lighten up your day with some humor, or read about equine Olympic events, history or personalities. posted 7/3/2012