Spring 2018

Teamwork at its Finest

Through the Professorship Partnership Challenge, generous donors help Tufts attract world-class talent.

When Tufts recently sharpened its focus on increasing its number of endowed professors, it >>

Stepping Up

As the Cummings School dean becomes Tufts’ provost ad interim, an interim dean is announced.

Dean Deborah T. Kochevar has been named Tufts University provost ad interim as Provost >>

The Dispensary is Open (and Very Busy)

Veterinary pharmacists bring a love of animals to a critical role at Cummings School.

As veterinary pharmacists, Claire Willey and Carolyn Arnish have one of the most uncommon >>

Equine-Industry Entrepreneurs

Lauren Ungar, V19 (left), and Mary Davis, V19, are winning attention with their proposal for an app to help owners keep horses healthy.

How do you build a successful app? For two veterinary students, the starting point is >>

A Leader’s Legacy

David McGrath, V86, AG83, chaired the Cummings School Board of Advisors since 2006.

After chairing the Cummings School Board of Advisors since 2006, David McGrath, V86, AG83, >>

Better Learning Through Service

Active citizenship is woven into a Tufts University education, and Cummings School students can >>

Top Stories

A Revolution in Grafton

Over 40 years, Cummings School has built itself into an international leader in veterinary education, expert clinical care, and interdisciplinary research.

Editor's Picks

A Mastiff Issue in China

A conservation medicine alum addresses the problem of free-ranging dogs on the Tibetan plateau.

On the Road with the Goat Doc

After she had trouble finding care for her own dairy goats, Cara Sammons-Shepard, V16, decided to become a traveling veterinarian herself.

Birth of the Veterinary School

Over 40 years, Cummings School has become an international leader in veterinary medicine. And all it took was buying nearly 600 acres for a dollar, palpating police horses, and performing the occasional surgery by penlight.