Spring 2019

Give Paws

Connor O’Boyle and his dog, Dublin, volunteer at the Floating Hospital for Children through Tufts Paws for People.

By Courtney Hollands

Photo: Anna Miller

For an hour every Sunday, Connor O’Boyle, MG17, M21, and Dublin, his three-year-old golden retriever, visit patients at the Floating Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit via Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine’s Tufts Paws for People volunteer program. When possible, O’Boyle even lifts the 75-pound pup atop a sterile sheet on patients’ beds. “Dublin is super gentle and just leans into the kids,” said O’Boyle, who plans to specialize in pediatrics. “You can see them melt and brighten.” And it’s not just the children who get a kick out of Dublin: Parents, nurses, and doctors all await his weekly walk-throughs. “Everyone cheers,” O’Boyle said. “He brings a little bit of pure joy.”

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