Summer 2015


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Like Minds

Animal behavior research could yield treatments for autism and compulsive disorders in people

The Ducks Are Dying

An outbreak of a new virus spawns a regional effort to manage wildlife epidemics

Animal Instinct

The power of our relationships with other species

Gorilla Docs

Wildlife veterinarians work with their African partners to protect the endangered animals

Sea Sick

On the trail of a warm-water bacterium that has migrated to the oyster beds of New England

Out Like a Lamb 

Students learn to care for livestock

5 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Lyme Disease

Cats don't get it, but the bacteria can cause real problems for dogs

Don’t Give Your Cat’s Oral Health the Brush-Off

Veterinarians recommend daily dental care

A Leg Up for Horse Health

Faculty and students train their entrepreneurial skills on multimillion-dollar equine legwear industry

Electric Avenue

Energy-efficient motorcycle added to Tufts police force

Expert Advice on Animal Acupuncture

Evaluating the therapy’s pros and cons

A Community of Farmers Grows in Grafton

Bounty helps pet owners afford unanticipated veterinary care

Sock Doc

What makes Ashley Magee, V95, tick

Commitment Counts

Join the Loyal Companion Society

Why I Give

Our philanthropists, in their own words

Talking About Race

A Tufts-wide forum looks at the causes and consequences of inequality

Your source for university-wide news about students, faculty, alumni, research, campus life, and more.

Jan 25, 2021Mending the Hearts of a Beloved Dog Breed

Boxers are prone to heart disease, but veterinary cardiologists at Cummings School are researching c...

Jan 21, 2021Interviewing the Stars—from Yo-Yo Ma to Anthony Fauci

For Washington Post national arts reporter Geoff Edgers, A92, being stuck at home didn’t mean slow...

Jan 19, 2021In Jordan, a Painter Forges Artful Collaborations

SMFA graduate Khaldoun Hijazin is appointed executive director of the Jordan National Gallery of Fin...

Lethal Parasite

Tufts scientists seek to prevent a potentially fatal infection that hits young children in the developing world

Cancer Genetics

Two malignancies common in golden retrievers share similar DNA markers

Best in Show

$9.5 million renovation of the Foster Hospital is underway

The Veterinarian and Her Friend

Ever grateful for the care of her beloved pets, Audrey Noreen Koller bequeaths $2.1 million to Foster Hospital

Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

Nutrition research could learn from man’s best friends

Tufts Hires Chief Diversity Officer

Among his priorities, a deeper sense of unity among campuses