Winter 2015


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Call of the Wild

Across 24 time zones Cheryl Rosa, V97, safeguards the health of people and animals

Ultra Sound

Keeping elite sport horses at their peak

Anatomy of an Abuser

1 million animals are injured on purpose every year. This veterinary student has a way to stop it

Partners in Healing

Veterinarians and physicians are poised to treat the cancers their patients share

What Fuels Ebola

The origins and ecology of the deadly disease

New Digs

A rare toad gets a tour of potential habitats on Cape Cod

Ready for Takeoff

New flight cage gives injured birds a place to heal

The Color of Personality

Most research debunks the notion that black dogs are less adoptable

Got Microbes?

Unpasteurized milk is teeming with bacteria, Meera Sriram, V16, discovers

Double the Impact

Financial Aid Initiative helps students like Kevin Connolly, V15, pursue their aspirations

Real-World Science

The Tufts Institute for Innovation crosses disciplines to take on global problems

Boogie Bird

The cockatoo's ability to keep a beat may be as rare in nature as language is

Safe Rodent Control

What you need to know about common household poisons

Sustainable Investing

New university fund gives donors another option for endowment giving

This App Tracks Pet Care

Using technology to help stem pet obesity

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Nov 22, 2021A Matching Gift Boosts the Tufts Community Appeal

Faculty and staff giving will strengthen local nonprofits and student financial aidThe Tufts Communi...

Nov 19, 2021With Gas Prices and Power Blackouts on the Rise, Is Green Technology the Solution?

Renewable energy sources and smart devices could help stabilize energy prices and prevent shortages,...

Nov 19, 2021Tammy Duckworth: ‘We're in a Fight for What America Is Going to Be’

In a wide-ranging discussion provided through the Tisch College of Civic Life, the Democratic U.S. s...

Potential Breakthrough on Liver Cancer

The hormone prolactin may help prevent the disease

Bionic Skulls

Veterinary orthopedist borrows from human medicine to repair canine facial fractures

DIY Gene Therapy

A new approach for treating botulism could thwart other disease-causing toxins

More Vets for Rwanda

Cummings School faculty support efforts to increase milk production in the African nation

New Degree in Global Health

Program will prepare graduates for careers in research, academia, government, biopharma and nonprofits