Winter 2016

The Fault in Our Sea Stars

Imaging technology could help thwart a disease that endangers the ocean’s ecosystem

Out in the ocean, stars are dying.

Sea stars, more commonly known as starfish, are >>

A Good Death 

Advice for preparing for the end of your pet’s life

Christine Maxfield, V06, a former student director of Cummings School’s Pet Loss Hotline, has >>

The Scoop on Rabies

A numerical rundown of the past and present of this disease

Thanks to pet vaccination, animal control and disease-surveillance programs begun in the 1940s, rabies >>

Lick the Habit

What’s behind this common bonding behavior

When your dog licks your face, is it kissing you, or does it mean >>

On the Shelf

New book explores the forensics of animal abuse

In response to growing evidence that people who abuse animals are more likely to >>

Top Stories

Betting the Farm

Fifty years ago, there were 1,600 dairy farms in Connecticut. Today there are 120. Those that remain are in a constant struggle for survival. Here’s the story of how one family farm, now in its fourth generation, is fighting to innovate and grow with the help of a Cummings School vet

Parrot Sanctuary

These dazzlingly beautiful, yet unwanted birds reclaim a piece of their natural life

Pet Project

A surprising number of animal owners have little or no access to veterinary care, so this Tufts program brings the care to them

The Toxin Avenger

Meet the vet school alum who keeps us safe from dangerous chemicals

Editor's Picks

5 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Lyme Disease

Cats don't get it, but the bacteria can cause real problems for dogs

Backyard Battles

The unhappy convergence of suburbia and wildlife

Cancer Genetics

Two malignancies common in golden retrievers share similar DNA markers

Dolphin Rescuers

Veterinary student’s research could improve survival rates for stranded animals

Gorilla Docs

Wildlife veterinarians work with their African partners to protect the endangered animals

The Genetics of Bloat

Researchers hope their work will help predict which dogs may get the deadly disease

Thoroughbred Doc

Along the backstretch of Belmont Park, Russell Cohen, V87, is having the time of his life