Group Exercises

4 Techniques for Using Technologies in Large Lecture Classes

For introduction and learning objectives for each of the following suggested topics, click here.

1) In-Class Polling: Clickers & Collaborative Google Presentation

Group Exercise Space

2) Backchannel Interaction in the Classroom: Adobe Connect Chat Room

Group Exercise Space

3) Simple Presentation Capture: PowerPoint Show

Group Exercise Sample File (PowerPoint) (sample from Emerson College)

4) Pre-Class Lecture Review: Media Markup

First, click here to log into Tufts Spark Tools using your UTLN username/password.
Come back to this page and open this Group Exercise Space


Let’s reflect on the activity you worked on. Discuss these questions with your partner(s) next to you.

  1. What did you learn? What was useful/challenging? How could you incorporate some of these techniques into your own class or can you?
  2. Have you tried any other techniques for using technology to engage students in the classroom? Feel free to share them.

Post your comment at the bottom of this page (Name/Email address could be fictitious).

Finally, check out this Additional Resources page to learn more about each topic.

One comment for this page

  • Media markup tool: strikes me best used with short videos (video of 50 min lecture would take too long to review for comments).
    Also, might be used with prompts at specific points (questions you forgot to ask in class, etc)

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