The Climb

The Tufts Climbing Team, now in its fourth year, trains officially with a coach twice a week, with separate advanced and novice practice days. They primarily train and compete in bouldering, which is rock climbing without any ropes. The moves and skills required in bouldering are generally more concentrated and complicated versions of rope climbs that test both your brains and muscles. Although the team trains indoors at Metro Rock in Everett, most of the athletes also enjoy climbing outside and will go on spring break and weekend trips to climb on real rock.

Current members, Theo Friedman, A14, Carolyn Pace, E12, and Emily Kaplan, A13 share their thoughts on the team and how the sport has become an integral part of their day-to-day.

Rock climbing at Tufts is definitely not limited to the climbing team, as there is a vibrant group of alumni and students at the gym every day. Check out the Tufts Mountain Club’s website for information on how to learn climbing safety and get rides to the gym and crags around New England.

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