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A Presidential Welcome

On October 21, 2011, Tufts University inaugurated Dr. Anthony P. Monaco, officially welcoming him and his family to the university. In celebration of the event, faculty, staff, students and alums came out to wish him well and enjoy in this exciting day in Tufts history.

Watch as a few members of the community share their well-wishes.

Video by Veronica Richter, A13.


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Twenty Years of Celebrating Difference

Each year, Tufts Queer-Straight Alliance brings together members from both the gay and straight communities to rally in support of the LGBT community as part of National Coming Out Day. The rally is just one of a number of events committed to maintaining LGBT visibility on campus and providing campus-wide education on sexual and gender identity and the effects of homophobia and transphobia.

Now in its 20th year, the event, held on the Campus Center’s lower patio, continues to grow and draw crowds much greater than its original celebration, which had only 18 participants.

Check out some of the highlights from this year’s event:

Video by Gene Buonaccorsi, A13.

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The Zero Waste Challenge

While most people probably don’t spend much time thinking about the packaging their food comes in, for the last week of September, that was pretty much all that was on the minds of the Tufts Eco-Representatives.

For an entire week, Eco-Reps, a group of students working to raise awareness of environmental issues among their peers, participated in the Office of Sustainability‘s  Zero Waste Challenge. As part of the challenge, participants carried their un-recyclable trash around with them in a one-gallon plastic bag, providing visual reminder of how much waste an individual produces per day.

Eco-Rep co-coordinators Rachael Wolber, A12, and Jessie Pearl, A13, discuss how the challenge works and what they hope to accomplish.

Check out the Eco-Reps blog for participants’ thoughts on the day-to-day experience of this year’s challenge.

Video by Gene Buonaccorsi, A13

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On the Line

Lloyd Olson, E12, took full advantage of the nearly empty campus this summer, turning the President’s Lawn into his personal practice space. His skill: slacklining.

Slacklining is a form of tightrope walking that uses a flexible, trampoline-like nylon webbing, often anchored between two trees as a balance beam. Unlike a traditional tightrope, which is rigidly taut, the flexible, bouncy nature of the line allows for some impressive footwork and stunts.

At Tufts, Olson says the activity is quite popular among his fellow members of the Tufts Mountain Club. If you are interested in learning more about the TMC, you can meet some of the members at the activities fair, Sept. 13, 5-7 p.m. on the Residential Quad.

For a better idea of what slacklining looks like, watch Olson in action.

Video by Gene Buonaccorsi, A13


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A Crafty Meal

It’s 6 PM and you start craving dinner. Dewick, Hodgon, the Campus Center, Carmichael – these are the everyday on-campus dining options that flit through your mind. But what about…. the Crafts House?

Widely known as “the house with the big face,” Crafts House holds free dinners every weeknight, beginning at 6 p.m.. Dinners are cooked by Crafts House residents, though guests are free to help. Meals are also all-vegetarian, mostly organic, and completely delicious.

Below, Coorain Devin, A13, Gaia Weise, A13, and Maximus Thaler, A13, walk you through a typical night of dinner at the Crafts House.

Crafts House is an on-campus residence located on Professors Row. Crafts House residents are responsible for maintaining the Crafts Center, a communal creative space in Lewis Hall. Visit for more information.

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