With a Walk, Trot and Canter

Just when you thought you’d seen it all at Tufts, in comes the Tufts Equestrian Team, one of Tufts’ club sports team. Twenty-one Tufts riders trek to August Farm in Holliston, Mass., once a week to perfect their horse-riding technique in preparation for their ongoing competitive season. The team ranges from absolute beginners to seasoned riders.

Below, Hannah Tadley, A13, and Lucy Perkins, A11, take horses into the ring for a Friday afternoon practice.

For more information about the team, contact captains Katie Christiansen, A11 (kathryn.christiansen@tufts.edu) or Kennon Ulicny, A13 (ann.ulicny@tufts.edu)

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A Crafty Meal

It’s 6 PM and you start craving dinner. Dewick, Hodgon, the Campus Center, Carmichael – these are the everyday on-campus dining options that flit through your mind. But what about…. the Crafts House?

Widely known as “the house with the big face,” Crafts House holds free dinners every weeknight, beginning at 6 p.m.. Dinners are cooked by Crafts House residents, though guests are free to help. Meals are also all-vegetarian, mostly organic, and completely delicious.

Below, Coorain Devin, A13, Gaia Weise, A13, and Maximus Thaler, A13, walk you through a typical night of dinner at the Crafts House.

Crafts House is an on-campus residence located on Professors Row. Crafts House residents are responsible for maintaining the Crafts Center, a communal creative space in Lewis Hall. Visit tuftscrafts.com/ for more information.

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A Drink Fit for the President

When it opened its doors in the summer of 2010, the RezQuad Café, located in Miller Hall, joined the list of campus spots where Jumbos can get their caffeine fix, study or socialize.

Featuring custom-made, uniquely named drinks like the “Nutty Professor” (latte with toffee nut and caramel) or “Lucy in the Chai” (chai latte with espresso), the RezQuad Café is run by Tufts Student Resources and completely managed and staffed by Tufts students.

Watch as barista Jake Savage, A12, demonstrates the construction of a RezQuad favorite – the Larry Bacow, a peppermint hot chocolate drink created by President Bacow.

Follow @TheRezquadTufts

Video production by Lorrayne Shen (A’12)

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The Greatest Show on the Hill

Jumbo Jugglers, a student group founded this fall by freshman Kevin Gao, brings together undergraduate and graduate students in the practice, performance and teaching of “balls, clubs, poi, hoops, staff, rope dart, contact, diablo, devil sticks, any skill toy imaginable!” Here, some of the members demonstrate their juggling moves and share tips on getting started.

Stay tuned to Tufts E-News for a feature on graduate students (some of whom belong to Jumbo Jugglers) involved in the circus arts — and in many cases, blending it into their studies.

Video production by Georgiana Cohen and Kaitlin Provencher of Web Communications.

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Information and Beyond

Entering the upper level of the Mayer Campus Center, you are destined to walk straight past the information booth. But if walking past the booth is all you have ever done, you may be surprised to learn that “information” is only the beginning of what the booth has to offer.

Managed by students who work for the Office for Campus Life (OCL), which works to bridge the gap between student life in and out of the classroom, the booth offers a number of services including ticket sales, free fax machine usage for students, game rentals and more.

Watch as booth worker Amber Jackson (A’12) runs through all the perks the Campus Center information booth has to offer.

Video production by Matt DiGirolamo (E’11) and Kaitlin Provencher, Web Communications

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