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A Crafty Meal

It’s 6 PM and you start craving dinner. Dewick, Hodgon, the Campus Center, Carmichael – these are the everyday on-campus dining options that flit through your mind. But what about…. the Crafts House?

Widely known as “the house with the big face,” Crafts House holds free dinners every weeknight, beginning at 6 p.m.. Dinners are cooked by Crafts House residents, though guests are free to help. Meals are also all-vegetarian, mostly organic, and completely delicious.

Below, Coorain Devin, A13, Gaia Weise, A13, and Maximus Thaler, A13, walk you through a typical night of dinner at the Crafts House.

Crafts House is an on-campus residence located on Professors Row. Crafts House residents are responsible for maintaining the Crafts Center, a communal creative space in Lewis Hall. Visit for more information.

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Recipe For A Healthy Life

For years, Tufts Student Resources’ Fitness team has been helping their fellow students stay in shape through exercise. This semester they decided to complete the circle of a healthy lifestyle by offering cooking demos geared toward the average college student.

Watch as Andrea Schpok (A’11), current manger of TSR Fitness describes the goals of the new Healthy Cooking Lesson & Lunch program and learn a few cooking tips from Schpok and pilates instructor Arielle Carpenter (A’10):

Video production by Charlotte Steinway (A’10) and Kaitlin Provencher, Web Communications.

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