Visual Resources for Art and Art History
Tufts Art History Visual Resources blog with hopefully helpful links to tools & resources for teaching and research.

GIMP is freeware that allows you to do some basic image editing for presentations, publication and other uses. Download it for free here:

VUE is a fantastic tool for organizing ideas and resources for projects, papers, etc.  It’s also a great note-taking tool if you are a visual learner. Download it for free here, and find tutorials and examples:    

This web resource has information and links to articles on copyright and the use of images of art, including images in the public domain and orphan works:

Here is a link to instructions on how to batch load folders of images into Power Point. The caveat:  this is for Macs using the Snow Leopard operating system, (OS 10.6) and newer versions of PowerPoint (2008 on):

1.  In Power Point, choose  file > page setup >   and under “size”, change width to 11′   and height to 8.5″ then click ok. Power point will give you the message that the slides exceed printable area (which is what you want) and will ask if you want to fix it.  Do NOT click fix […]

Two good collections of art history and image resources on the web: Mother of All Art and Art History Links: University of Missouri Links to Image Resources: Free and fair use digital collection links:

Smarthistory is a multi-media web book about art history:

What are SPARK tools? Are you looking for an easy way to create a blog, wiki, podcast, or other type of web resource to share your ideas either openly on the web or with a closed audience of your choosing? Tufts provides all students, faculty and staff with access to SPARK tools, which allow you […]

Google Image Search:  Use the Advanced search feature to find images using more search parameters, including specific image sizes and copyright information: Use Google Image Swirl to find groups visually similar images within a particular search: Find licensed images through Creative Commons, which allows for searches through Google, Flickr, Yahoo and other media […]

Use this page for help finding resources through Tisch databases and indexes, compiled by Chao Chen, Humanities Librarian: