How to Give

Remember that giving to Vittana is only a one cycle commitment.  When you make a donation, you are actually making a loan.  As the student pays back the loan, you can either re-invest your money in another student, or withdraw it fo personal use.  Of course we encourage re-investment, but it’s all up to you!


To personally give to Vittana, head here.  From the Tufts Vittana group page, you can log in through facebook or create an account, or just ‘contribute now’ or ‘find a student.’  By choosing contribute now, you can spread a donation across a random group of students.  The automatic donation is $25, though you can choose to give more or less.

Finding a student allows you to search among all of Vittana’s chosen students by nationality or desired profession.

Choose lend now, and select a lending team.

In a few months time, the student will pay back the entirety of the loan you made and you are free to re-invest that money or withdraw it.

Thanks for getting involved!

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