Students in this unique PhD program have a wide range of backgrounds, home departments, and research interests. The first cohort began their studies in Fall 2011. Student descriptions and links to personal pages are below. Please visit the Student Experience blog to learn more about the projects and experiences of Water Diplomacy IGERT students.


Meghan Flanagan, Environmental and Water Resource Engineering.Research Interests:

communication between scientific communities, the general public and the government pertaining to water policy decisions; public perception of the science community and what effects that has on water policy; cultural effects in disseminating and accepting scientific knowledge related to water issues.

Jory Hecht
Jory Hecht, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.Research Interests: international development, water resources engineering, spatial and statistical analysis. hydrology, dam impacts, climate change adaptation.
Laura Kuhl
Laura Kuhl,Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.Research Interests: climate change adaptation, sustainable development, environmental justice.
Laura Read
Laura Read, Civil and Environmental Engineering.Research Interests: water management, collaborative partnerships, hydrologic modeling.
Andrew Tirrell
Andrew Tirrell, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.Research Interests: rights-based development, hydro-electric dams and indigenous peoples.
Margaret Garcia, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.Research Interests: Management of urban water infrastructure, processes for planning and decision making under uncertainty, climate change, urbanization, politics and policy of urban infrastructure, water utilities, hydrological modeling.
Gregory Sixt, Friedman School Nutrition Science and Policy.Research Interests: Sustainable agriculture development, food security, agricultural impacts to trans boundary water resources.
Charles van Rees, Department of Biology.Research Interests: Endangered species conservation, human-wildlife conflict, landscape ecology, wetlands and water birds.


Tania Alarcon, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.Research Interests: International development, water utility management, water economics.