Registration is now closed for the WAZE symposium.

Registration fees are:

Before April 15th (online registration):
* Tufts WAZE members: $10
* Other students: $15
*   General Public (lectures and lunch only): $20
*   Professionals: $25
*   CE Credit (6 hours): $75

After April 15th (On-site Registration Only): All registration fees increase by $5 and can be paid at the Symposium.

Registration includes admission to all speaker sessions and lunch on site. Wet labs are available only to students and professionals. Veterinary students will receive preference in wetlabs over undergraduate students.

To register:

Please e-mail the below information to and use the PayPal button for registration payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once both your e-mail and registration payment have been processed.

University or Organization:
General Public/Professional/Student:
Area of Study:
Lunch Preferences: (vegetarian, vegan, allergies etc.)
Wetlab Preference (please indicate whether you prefer wetlab 1 or wetlab 2)
–Wetlab 1: Attendees will get hands-on experience with Feather Imping (repairing broken feathers) and Dolphin Satellite Tagging Techniques
–Wetlab 2 Attendees will get an intensive hands on experience with Turtle Treatment Techniques
Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive your preference. Wetlab assignments will be first come, first served.

The Donate PayPal button is used because it will allow you to manually enter either $10, $15, $20, $25, or $75 depending on whether you are registering as a WAZE member, Student, General Public, Professional, or obtaining Continuing Education credit.

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