Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Professor Weiss began his career as a Canadian Chartered Accountant (equivalent to a CPA in the US) working for KPMG. He received his undergraduate degree in Accounting and his MBA in General Management from McGill University. Larry earned his Doctorate in Accounting and Control from the Harvard Business School. 

Prior to coming to The Fletcher School, Professor Weiss served on the faculties of McGill University, Babson College, Tulane University, INSEAD, M.I.T., HEC Lausanne and Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. He has also taught at IMD, the London Business School, Rochester/Bern, the Helskinki University of Technology (now Aalto), KREMS and CEIBS.  Larry received the teacher of the year award at MIT and has been nominated for best Professor at Fletcher, INSEAD and Tulane University. 

Professor Weiss’ research focuses on three themes. The first is the reorganization of financially distressed firms. He is a recognized expert on US corporate bankruptcy, and has testified before the US Congress on bankruptcy reform. The second is how managers gather and use information for decision making. The third is the transition from country specific accounting standards (Local GAAP) to one set of global standards (IFRS). He has over 40 publications, including: The Journal of Financial Economics; The Journal of Law Economics and Organizations, The International Journal of Operations and Production Management, The Journal of Applied Corporate Finance; Financial Management, The Journal of Legal Economics; The American Bankruptcy Law Journal; Bankruptcy Developments Law Journal; Regulation; several trade journals and newspapers (including The New York Times and the Financial Times); numerous cases (published at Harvard and INSEAD); and a book published by Cambridge University Press. His work has been cited over 1,500 times and he has won the All Star Paper award from the Journal of Financial Economics.