Daily Article

We’re pleased with this Tufts Daily article highlighting the issue of leisure reading. A quick note: we don’t expect everyone to want to read every book on our list! But we do hope, over the course of our series, to interest people in books they may not have heard of, and may never have thought they would have been interested in. MAKE TIME TO READ!
Students’ grades may suffer as reading for pleasure, once revered, falls by the wayside – Features

Comments, eventually, we hope

Hello all, and thank you for the feedback we’ve been getting about enabling comments! We have been in touch with UIT (before we started the series) to find a way to enable comments for just the Tufts community. It is a functionality that works in the Spark Wikis, but not yet in the Spark Blogs. It would be terrific to be able to post comments from the Tufts community alongside the books we recommend, so we hope this happens soon.