My research uses economics to inform and improve the food system, especially in Africa.  I began with a focus on markets and trade, and have more recently focused on innovation and information.

Major projects (click bold links for separate pages)
  • Prizes and contest design, leading to a new way for donors to guide innovation.  Cash payments could be paid to innovatorsin proportion to the value of new technologies adopted by farmers, as documented by data from controlled experiments and farm surveys.  Data requirements and methods are derived from long experience working with West African researchers to do their own R&D  impact assessment.
  • The market for infant foods, leading to quality certification as a way to improve nutrition by lowering the cost of the high-density complementary foods needed during the crucial period from 6 to 24 months of age.
Previous projects and working papers
  • Nutrition monitoring and public health, with a paper in  Economics of Human Biology [preprint] that shows how counting cases of mild underweight helps predict child mortality, by capturing otherwise hidden changes in public health.

Consulting reports and advisory work