World Health Organization

Dr. Andrey Egorov
Dr. Andrey Egorov
Manager, Environmental Health Information System (ENHIS) World Health Organization

Tufts University

President Anthony P. MonacoDr. Anthony Monaco
President, Tufts University
Dr. Linda M. AbriolaDr. Linda M. Abriola
Dean, School of Engineering
Dr. Daniele LantagneDr. Daniele Lantagne
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineeering
Ms. Erin FleurantMs. Erin Fleurant
President, Tufts Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
Nozawa-MisakiMs. Misaki Nozawa
President, Tufts Engineers Without Borders (EWB)


Loughrin-BrookeMs. Brooke Loughrin
Presidential Scholar at Boston College, first U.S. Youth Observer at the United Nations
Ms. Lori ThickeMs. Lori Thicke
Co-founder of Traducteurs sans Frontières (Translators Without Borders)