AY18-19 Tufts Courses

UEP 224: Public Health and the Built Environment

UEP 251 (01/02): Economics for Policy and Planning





Past Coursesbrownandbrew


Economics for Planning and Policy Analysis, UEP 251

Advanced Resource Economics, REP 571 (grad), University of Maine

Managerial Economics, ECP 3703 (undergrad), University of Florida

Public Health

Active Transportation and Public Health, UEP 294-06 (0.5 credit)

Public Health and the Built Environment, UEP 294

Environmental Health for Policy and Planning, UEP 294

Risk Analysis and Environmental Health, ECOS 697 (grad), University of Massachusetts Boston


Intermediate Quantitative Reasoning (0.5 credit), UEP 294-25

Intermediate Quantitative Reasoning, UEP 258

Quantitative Reasoning for Policy and Planning, UEP 254

Introduction to Applied Statistics, ECOS 601 (grad), University of Massachusetts Boston

Policy Seminars

MPP Integrative Seminar, UEP 289

Senior Seminar, REP 489 (undergrad), University of Maine

Environmental Science

Introduction to Oceanography, EGS 226 (undergrad), University of Massachusetts Boston

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