Welcome to the 2nd Annual Africana Conference:


We believe that context matters.

The Fletcher Africana Conference is an annual gathering of students, professionals, policymakers and academics at The Fletcher School, Tufts University in Boston (USA). It is organized by the Fletcher Africana Club, a group of graduate students from Africa and around the world with a keen interest and work experience in the African continent.

We aim to provide a forum that creates contextual understanding of African issues through debate and discussion.

This is possible only if we examine questions of socioeconomic and political significance through the multiple lenses of development, business, politics, security, and technological innovation. Therefore, the Africana Club strives to engage thought leaders from different fields to bring them together in ways that create an understanding of the various forces at play in the continent.

We are building on the success of previous dialogues and debates.

In October 2012, The Fletcher School held a conference to examine the gap between the promise and on the ground realities of Africa’s economic potential, Africa’s Turn. It was evident from the enthusiasm of guest speakers and attendees that there is a need for a space for continued dialogue and debate. In response to this need, The Fletcher Africana club we held our inaugural conference, Africa Beyond the Headlines in March 2014 focused on intertwining issues in security and development on the continent.

We invite you to join us!

The 2nd Fletcher Africana Conference will focus on reconciling the dichotomies that exist in 21st century Africa: technological innovation alongside forces of friction such as infrastructural and regulatory gaps; economic growth alongside unemployment and lack of inclusive growth; improvements in health and well-being indicators alongside health crises and increased human insecurity; increased foreign direct investment alongside unclear risk management strategies.


Join the Fletcher School and the Africana Club for events throughout the year.

The Fletcher Africana club also promotes dialogue during the academic year, we have hosted a series of events on health, human security, economic development and inclusive growth in Africa including:

Additionally, The Fletcher School has a strong interest in African affairs, as exemplified through events this year such as:

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