The Fletcher School Africana Conference is led and run by a group of Fletcher School students from different parts of the world and studying a variety of degrees, but who all share a passion for the African continent!

Ari Jacobovits, Chair

Masters of International Business, 2016

Ari is interested in strategy and operations for hardware, software and e-commerce businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.  At Fletcher, he is focusing his studies on Strategic Management and Development Economics.  Prior to attending Fletcher, Ari served in Peace Corps Kenya, worked as a Field Team Leader for the US Refugee Admissions Program in Africa and worked as an Analyst for for the Department of State of Refugee Processing Center.  Ari spent the summer before his second year at Fletcher interning at an e-commerce business in Tanzania.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a concentration in Music for Indiana University – Bloomington. @arijaco


Nathalie Hudson, Marketing

Masters of International Business, 2016

After spending five years marketing Oral-B toothpaste to the sub-Saharan African continent with Procter & Gamble, Nathalie is focusing her time at Fletcher on inclusive business development and international political economy. She is looking to apply her studies in business development in Africa, with a specific interest in shared value business models in West Africa. She holds an undergraduate degree in Politics and Sociology from the University of Manchester, UK.  @NathalieMCH


Kristin Wagner, Marketing

Masters of International Business, 2016

Kristin is focusing on environmental issues in the MENA region in a business context, particularly on social entrepreneurship endeavors in North Africa. She has worked extensively in waste management, environmental, social/business development and public health initiatives in MENA with a focus on Egypt and the Palestinian Territories. Prior to Fletcher, she received her bachelors degree from Boston University in International Relations. 


Justin Sullivan, Finance

Master of International Business, 2016

Justin is interested in the use of alternative investment vehicles as a means to bring down the cost of capital for African businesses. Before Fletcher, Justin worked in Tanzania for four years with Peace Corps and Harvard University. Later, he worked with ICAP at Columbia University on their East Africa portfolio of HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs. Most recently, he spent his summer in Kigali advising Rwandan ICT startups on the development of their  marketing and finance, and accounting systems. Justin speaks fluent Swahili.


Domoina Rambeloarison, Showcase Coordinator

Master of International Business, 2017

Prior to starting Fletcher, Domoina managed Africa-based governance and education projects for Management Systems International. She later joined the World Bank to contribute to the analysis and research for a report on economic growth and inclusiveness in Colombia. While at Fletcher, she is hoping to focus her studies on renewable energy and finance in sub-Saharan Africa.


Alexandra Jeszeck, Illicit Trade Panel

Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, 2017

Before coming to Fletcher, Alexandra worked as an Economic Assistant at the U.S. Embassy in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo working on a variety of issues such as fiscal transparency, energy, and transportation and infrastructure issues. At Fletcher, she is studying international trade and international political economy with a focus on U.S.-Africa trade relations.


Stephen Allen, Social and Political Inclusion Panel

Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, 2017

Before starting at Tufts, Stephen worked in Senegambia for a community-based NGO and later with the Africa program of a global human rights advocacy organization based in New York. Here at Fletcher, he is interested in the extent to which sociolinguistic and ethnic identity have contributed to the lack of separation between political party and state in Sub-Saharan Africa. @Stallen826


Mike Meldonian, Cross-Sector Partnership Panel

Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, 2016

Mike’s interest lies in improving the effectiveness of development partnership. At Fletcher, he is exploring how development actors can improve cross-sector collaborations to achieve greater impact. Prior to Fletcher, Mike worked for four years on campaigns and advocacy with Oxfam America, focusing on issues of aid effectiveness, climate change and food security. He recently served in the Peace Corps for two years  in Mozambique, working on community health issues related to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. He spent his summer before his second year at Fletcher in the Integrated Health Office of USAID in Maputo, Mozambique.


Marc Henry Germain, Illicit Trade Panel

Masters of Arts in Humanitarian Affairs, 2016

Marc is currently a masters student in the combined Fletcher School and Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy program focused on humanitarian affairs. His area of focus is on utilizing market-based approaches in humanitarian response and transition programming, specifically focused on political emergencies and natural disasters. Additionally, he is  interested in community-based interventions countering violent extremism, urban planning and utilizing GIS and other data analysis tools. He previously worked for USAID’s Office of Transition (Chemonics) and The Boston Foundation. @MHenryG1



Mark Karugarama, Key Note 

Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, 2017

Upon graduation in 2012 from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Mark received an offer  from Bridge2Rwanda, a U.S. (501)C3 and a Rwanda INGO-to work as their Training Center Director in Kigali, Rwanda, where  he worked for the last 3 years, prior to joining the Fletcher School. The Bridge2Rwanda Scholars program has helped place over 120 brilliant Rwandan scholars, to-date, at top universities across the world, winning over $24 million in scholarships. Mark also ran the operations for the NGO in Rwanda, facilitated expansion efforts, and built key partnerships on behalf of Bridge2Rwanda. He is interested in International Trade, with respect to Emerging Markets in East Africa and also studies the Political and Economic implications of the Federation of the East African States.