Meet The Bloggers!

Christine So, Diversity & Inclusion Leadership M.A. Candidate

Christine So (she/hers or she series) is a first-year master’s student in the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She is a first generation, queer, Korean American from the Chicago Suburbs. Prior to attending Tufts, she went to Michigan State University by auditioning on oboe and graduated with a BA in Music and Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor. Currently she is also a Resident Assistant for first years in SMFA on Beacon Street and the SMFA Student Affairs Graduate Intern. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, doing crafts, and exploring! 

Cyrus Karimy, Biomedical Engineering M.S. Candidate

Hello Jumbos! I’m Cyrus, a BME Master’s student at Tufts! When I’m not grinding through my workload I go to the gym, play & watch soccer and explore restaurants and bars in the area with friends. I’m a member of the cell agriculture club, and I’m hoping to get back into martial arts soon. Welcome to the adventures of a semi-athletic dork trying to thrive at Tufts while not going broke!

Elijah Mensah,  Environmental Policy & Planning M.S. Candidate

Hi, my name is Elijah, and I am an international student from Ghana. I am a passionate environmental activist working to contribute to policy and planning of cities with a special interest in addressing the needs of indigenous communities. I love to write during my leisure because I feel it’s one of the best ways to reach the amazing people, I’ve never had a chance to meet. My other hobbies are taking walks in nature and the beautiful beaches in my country. I’m looking forward to having that adventure here in Boston, MA!

Qi Pan, History M.A. Candidate

I am Qi Pan, a first-year graduate student from MA history program at Tufts, from Chongqing, China. This is my first time coming to the United States, and challenge accepted! Before Tufts, I studied globalization and Chinese history at Duke Kunshan University, and I am now pursuing a transnational history research training at Tufts. To be specific in history research fields, I am interested in gender, immigration, and labor studies, all of which led me to do some research and class projects in my undergraduate program. I enjoy my weekends and holidays with reading, traveling, and exploring the world!

Maitreyi Kale, Human Factors Engineering M.S. Candiate

Maitreyi Kale (she/they) is a Masters student at Tufts, studying Human Factors Engineering. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, she moved to Tufts for her undergrad in 2018. With a background in cognitive science and child development, Mai hopes to be involved in some combination of the fields of assistive technology, mental health, education, and accessibility in the future. You’ll see Maitreyi around campus tabling for Ears for Peers (Tufts’ anonymous peer support hotline), reading books, taking naps, and drinking mochas. She loves talking to strangers and skipping small talk, so please nerd out about anything you like with her if your paths cross!

Jennifer Khirallah, Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. candidate

Jenn is a second year Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering. She conducts her research in the Xu lab where they use lipid nanoparticles for small molecule drug delivery. Before coming to Tufts she attended Boston University where she received a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. During her free time, she likes to travel, try new foods, and bake!

Tiffany Wu, Environmental Policy & Planning M.S. Candidate

Tiffany is a first year MS student in the Environmental Policy and Planning program. She is interested in geospatial data science, urban analytics and sustainable development. Before Tufts, she worked at a climate science research lab at UC Berkeley as well as an environmental think tank in Northern Europe. Tiffany attended Cornell University and received a B.S. in Animal Science with a minor in Environment & Sustainability. She is originally from Los Angeles but actually doesn’t mind the winters here. In her spare time, she likes exploring farmers markets and coffee shops and checking eBird for various waterfowl sightings. 

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