Research in MS

Our group has discovered that autoimmune disorders in general are severely under researched.  Before we start taking steps towards curing these disorders, we should focus more on researching the workings of specific autoimmune disorders.

We think that a possible way to study MS could be using the silk scaffolding. Silk scaffolding is already being used to study human axons and conditions like Parkinson’s, so why not use it to study MS and its effects on the human nervous system?

Not only would further research in autoimmune diseases, and MS, deepen our understanding of them and how they work, but it would also make finding effective treatments easier. How can you hope to treat the underlying causes of a disorder to try to cure it without knowing exactly what causes it?

Furthermore, our hope is that using the silk scaffolding could also allow us to study possible treatments before they reach human trials to determine whether or not they are effective, and what possible side effects they may have.

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