Congratulations Video from Tony Monaco, President of Tufts University

Anthony P. Monaco is President of Tufts University and Professor of Biology and Neuroscience.

It is my pleasure to extend my best wishes and sincere congratulations to all our academic award recipients. Recognizing the achievements of our exceptional students with these academic awards is a highlight every year for me. To all our students: I hope you know that just because the current public health crisis has interrupted this semester on the hill, it does not diminish your accomplishments and achievements nor the impact that your many contributions have made to the Tufts community.

All of this year‘s award recipients have outstanding records of accomplishment. Some of these awards are specifically intended to recognize students who have excelled both academically and outside the classroom. I have seen many of our awards recipients as student athletes, musicians artists and performers. Others have made great contributions to the community through service both on and off campus. That combination of accomplishments is one that we value and seek to foster and it is one of the things that makes Tufts distinctive.

Many of these awards and names in honor or memory of distinguished alumni or past faculty or past graduating classes. So our award recipients can be proud that they are being recognized for carrying on traditions of excellence that often date back generations. 

To the members of the class of 2020: We know that you will accomplish whatever you set out to do in the years to come and we will follow your careers with great enthusiasm. For our current first year sophomores and juniors we are sure that you’ll continue to give us more reasons to celebrate during your remaining years at Tufts. Congratulations once again to all of the award recipients and thank you.

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