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Recipients of these prizes have demonstrated exceptional growth and determination while thriving as intellectually curious students deeply engaged in the classroom and the wider Tufts community.

The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships are for seniors who have made the most progress in both academic record and by participation in extracurricular activities of enduring worth. 

  • The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships Winner: Lawrence Chan
    Lawrence Chan has an impressive academic and service record at Tufts, is engaged in many extracurricular activities, and has a great personality. His deep knowledge of Computer Science combined with his leadership ability landed him a role as a Teaching Fellow where he makes significant contributions to Computer Science courses and mentors TAs. His other passion is social … Read more
  • The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships Winner: Zoe Leaf
    Since her freshman year, Zoe Leaf (A20) has been consistent in her civic engagement, leadership, and dedication to serving Tufts’ on and off campus communities, as evident through her involvement in Freshman Orientation in Community Service (FOCUS), Direction through Recreation, Exploration, Adventure, and Mentorship (DREAM), and Peer Health Exchange. Her academic achievement has only increased over the … Read more
  • The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships Winner: Sean Lee
    Sean Lee (A20) is a double major in Environmental Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies. His senior honors thesis, "Our Stories, Our Planet: Imagining a Sustainable and Equitable Planet Through Inclusive Representation and Diverse Narratives" is an impressive interdisciplinary work, advancing the field of environmental communication, including a short film as well as elements and insights from music, … Read more
  • The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships Winner: Erica Nork
    Erica Nork (A20) is a Sociology major with minors in Dance and Spanish. In addition to her extraordinary academic performance at Tufts, she has proven an accomplished and driven leader, activist, and researcher. She was selected into and presented with the American Sociological Association’s highly competitive honors program. Her seniors honors thesis focuses on the differential … Read more
  • The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships Winner: Cora Richardson
    Cora Richardson (E20) is a Computer Engineering major who has shown during her time at Tufts a desire to use her expertise to make a concrete contribution to society. She has a passion for embracing technology to find applications that will make a difference. Her Senior Project, "Magnetic Navigation," sponsored by the Draper Corporation, is investigating how common navigation techniques must … Read more

The Audrey L. Hale Prize recognizes academic excellence combined with commitment to international understanding through acts of compassion. 

  • The Audrey L. Hale Prize Winner: Joaquin Bustamente
    Joaquin Bustamente (A20) is an Economics Major with a minor in Finance. He is an outstanding student who has done much in his time at Tufts to strengthen international understanding both through extracurricular activities and day-to-day interactions with others on this campus. He has held leadership positions in three campus organizations with an international focus: the … Read more

The Ethel Munroe Hayes Scholarship recognizes students who have earned an academic record of high distinction while working to meet the cost of a Tufts education. 

  • The Ethel Munroe Hayes Scholarship Winner: Hanna C. Carr
    Hanna C. Carr (A20) is adouble major in Economics and Environmental Studies who, in addition to her impressive academic record, has been very active as a leader and creative force on campus. She is volunteer leader for Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative, co-leader of Tufts Climate Action, a member of several comedy groups, and Managing Editor of … Read more
  • The Ethel Munroe Hayes Scholarship Winner: Olivia Kahn-Boesel
    Olivia Kahn-Boesel (A20) is a double major in Community Health and Biology with an exceptional record of leadership and academic achievement. She has won competitive research internships in a series of labs and hospitals, contributing to important medical research and generating a conference paper of her own. Engaged in many service opportunities, Olivia has been a … Read more

The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize is awarded to students who have achieved high scholarship in the face of adverse circumstances.  

  • The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize Winner: Anna M. Deck
    Anna M. Deck (A20) has achieved a stellar academic record and contributed to the vibrant student life at Tufts. While pursuing her Biology major, she has served as a research assistant in Biomedical Engineering, a peer tutor at the Academic Resource Center, a leader in her sorority, and a volunteer at a hospital. What makes these … Read more
  • The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize Winner: Kai Stewart
    Kai Stewart (A20) is a Physics major who has displayed all the virtues the award values: character, diligence and perseverance in achieving high scholarship in the face of adverse circumstances. An adult learner in the REAL Program, he took a risk and left the profession he had established to face new challenges as a full-time college … Read more
  • The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize Winner: Michael L. Thramann
    Michael L. Thramann (A20) is a bright, talented, industrious, intellectually curious senior majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma while a Tufts student, he underwent chemotherapy. Despite medical adversity, he has achieved an outstanding scholastic record, participated in multiple research projects in mathematics and computer science, presented his research at conferences, and has co-authored … Read more

The Philip E.A. Sheridan M.D. Prize is awarded to thestudent who has shown the greatest academic growth.  

  • The Philip E.A. Sheridan M.D. Prize Winner: Stephanie Huynh
    In her first three years at Tufts, Stephanie Huynh (A21) has shown an impressive upward trajectory in science courses; her developing mastery and passion for learning resulted in her being invited to serve as teaching assistant for courses in Bioinformatics and Chemistry courses. She plans to combine this love of science with a passion for working with … Read more