Tufts Spring

Recipients of these prizes have demonstrated exceptional leadership in and commitment to community service and endeavors to make Tufts more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable.  

The Association of Tufts Alumnae 75th Anniversary Award honors students who have provided meritorious service to the community.

  • The Association of Tufts Alumnae 75th Anniversary Award Winner: Sophia Balsamo
    Winner Sophia A. Balsamo A20 has consistently excelled in her academic work, thrived in her extracurricular activities, and emerged as a respected leader on and off campus. Exemplary from the first, she has the intrepid spirit of an intellectual adventurer and the courage of an individual who forges ahead notwithstanding the most daunting challenges. A proud member … Read more

The Gemma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship honors good academic standing combined with participation in activities of importance to the university. 

  • The Gemma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship Winner: Jenna C. Fromer
    Through mastery of theoretical principles and applying them to broader contexts, Jenna Fromer (E21) has demonstrated great aptitude as a researcher and team leader in the rigorous Chemical Engineering field.  In her reports, she demonstrates an analytical and a quantitative mindset rarely seen by undergraduates.  She shares her passion for STEM and organizes weekly programming in her … Read more
  • The Gemma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship Winner: Daniel G. Pascal
    Biomedical Engineering major Daniel Pascal (E21) has exceptional intellectual capacity while demonstrating pleasant personality and great leadership. Earning a nearly perfect GPA, he was elected to the Tau Beta Pi honor society. He also demonstrated passion and excitement for research, designing an in vitro 3D cardiac tissue model as well as wearable biosensors. Determined to help others, … Read more
  • The Gemma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship: Sachin Vallamkonda
    Sachin Vallamkonda (A21) is an outstanding student majoring in Child Study and Human Development with a focus on Global Health.  His excellent written, oral and researching skills, plus his leadership ability landed him an internship researching maternal and newborn health in rural Ethiopia that piqued his interest in how political, social and healthcare systems interact in … Read more

The Community Service Award recognizes exceptional community service to Tufts or the larger community. 

  • The Community Service Award Winner: Philip E. Miller
    As soon as Philip Miller (A20) started his freshmen year at Tufts, he already committed to serve his fellow students as a Tufts Community Union Representative, and later, as the TCU Education Committee Chair. In addition to his rigorous semester at Oxford University, and double majors in Mathematics and Computer Science, Philip’s most important contribution to Tufts … Read more

The Multicultural Service Award recognizes an undergraduate who has made significant efforts to define Tufts as a multicultural environment. 

  • The Multicultural Service Award Winner: Leticia Rocha
    In addition to excelling academically, Leticia Rocha (A20) has participated in numerous extracurricular activities dedicated to improving the lives of underrepresented students on campus. She has held several leadership roles on campus, including being a representative at the Tufts Community Union and leading efforts in the development of academic resources and professional development activities for first generation … Read more

The Tufts University Alumni Association Award recognizes a student who has enhanced the traditions and embodies the spirit of Tufts. 

  • The Tufts University Alumni Association Award Winner: Abigail W. Beech
    Abigail Beech (A20) is a double major in Child Study and Human Development and BioPsychology who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement, strong leadership skills, and generous service to the Tufts community and beyond. She has conducted independent research, presented her research at professional conferences, has held leadership positions on campus (she’s Co-President of the Child Study and … Read more