Recipients of these prizes have demonstrated exceptional growth and determination while thriving as intellectually curious students deeply engaged in the classroom and the wider Tufts community.

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The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarships are for seniors who have made the most progress in both academic record and in participation in extracurricular activities of enduring worth. 

Rachel Breslau (A21) is a double major in Economics and Political Science committed to generating positive change in the health care sector. After joining Tufts Emergency Medical Services in her first year, she was appointed leadership roles including her current position as a Preceptor, which is a clinical teaching role. In addition to working on congressional campaigns and as a Tisch Summer Fellow, she is working at a non-partisan organization that works to expand voter registration in health care spaces.

Sadhya Garg (A21) has shown an impressive upward achievement trajectory in Physics and International Relations. Excelling despite a challenging and heavy course load, Sadhya has played a crucial role as an undergraduate student representative on the Physics and Astronomy Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Drawing on her experience in political science, her involvement on the committee included advocating for improving the experiences of students in the introductory departmental courses in order to promote their sense of belonging in the discipline.

Sonia Groeneveld (A21) is a Sociology and Economics double major whose academic work is marked by analytic sophistication, a penchant for tackling a wide range of topics, a willingness to take risks, and an eagerness to collaborate. Sonia has put her sparkling personality, characteristic smile, and boundless enthusiasm to work as a tour guide and senior fellow in the Tufts Admission Office She also serves as a volunteer with Tufts’ prison education programs and as a Tufts Wilderness Orientation leader. 

Ethan Isenman (A21) is a Philosophy major pursuing minors in History and Political Science. He has excelled in courses as diverse as African music systems, entrepreneurship, and advanced Spanish composition. Ethan taught a highly popular Ex College seminar on philosophy in everyday life while simultaneously engaging in a plethora of extra-curricular activities, including working in project management companies in Boston and Israel and doing fundraising for Jewish vocational services.

Philip Miljanic (E21) is an enthusiastic, ambitious, and versatile double major in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science who has conducted research on paper-based microfluidic diagnostic devices in the Chemistry Department. As a recipient of the Laidlaw Scholarship, he expanded his research on affordable paper-based microfluidics. Philip is engaged in professional societies for chemical engineering and chemistry and is active in Tufts Mountain Club.  

Grace van Deelen (A21) is an exceptionally well-rounded student majoring in Biology and Anthropology who thrives across the natural and social sciences. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Grace conducted detailed, independent, and original ethnographic research on climate change, university extension science, and honey bee colony collapse disorder that led to a truly distinguished interdisciplinary senior thesis. In her open-mindedness, rigor, and precocious pursuit of knowledge, Grace is the very archetype of a scholar. 

The Audrey L. Hale Prize recognizes academic excellence combined with a commitment to international understanding through acts of compassion. 

Maya Velasquez (A21) is an excellent student who has volunteered extensively with organizations devoted to international human rights, immigrant’s rights, and prison reform. A fluent Spanish Speaker and a double major in Sociology and Peace and Justice Studies, Maya has made significant contributions as a Research Assistant and has been invited to co-author a paper with Professor Anjuli Fahlberg. Maya is active in the Association of Latin American Students, the Latinx Center, and United for Immigrant Justice, and she served as the Latinx Community Senator on the TCU Senate. 

The Ethel Munroe Hayes Scholarship recognizes students who have earned an academic record of high distinction while working to meet the cost of a Tufts education. 

Michael Booth (A22) has maintained a strong academic record and pursued many professional development opportunities while simultaneously working to support himself financially and providing important caregiving assistance for family members. Michael has excelled as a Community Health and Biology major, with his work in Community Health winning a 2021 Tisch Library Undergraduate Research Award. Michael has contributed to the Tufts community through his involvement in the Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) and the Peer Health Exchange, and his co-founding the Tufts Pre-Physician Assistant organization.

Patrick Song (E21) is a Biomedical Engineering major who has contributed to research projects on drug delivery, wound healing, cardiac tissue engineering and wearable electronics. Patrick was instrumental in the success of an exhibit for the Summer Nostos festival in Athens that displayed biologically interactive tapestries, and he produced an excellent senior design project on diagnostic eyewear based on modified contact lenses. Patrick has supported himself financially through a variety of jobs, and he has been involved on a volunteer basis with Design for Social Good.

The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize is awarded to students who have achieved high scholarship in the face of adverse circumstances.  

Mark Beckwith (A22) is a stellar student who maintains excellent academic achievement despite daunting setbacks. The epitome of resilience, perseverance, diligence, hard work, kindness, compassion and gratitude, Mark is committed to helping others. He has helped gather and distribute food to families struggling with joblessness during the pandemic, and volunteers with organizations helping people cope with addiction. Mark was nominated for this award by several professors in the Sociology Department who commented on his boundless joy for learning “that makes a professor smile, even after 14 weeks on Zoom.” 

Vy Ngetich (A21) is a motivated, diligent, resourceful, and intelligent student who shows great mathematical promise. Vy has experienced housing insecurity and poverty and has been responsible for supporting her family. Her successes negotiating life’s challenges show her tremendous determination, internal strength, resilience, and tenacity. Vy has demonstrated leadership on the executive board of the Tufts Financial Network and as head of a committee to network with BLAST alumni for mentorship and fundraising; she has also been generous as a volunteer for organizations that help immigrant women and children. 

The Philip E.A. Sheridan M.D. Prize is awarded to the student who has shown the greatest academic growth.

Maxwell H. Kaye (A21) stands out as a triple major in Math, Computer Science, and Physics. Noted for his precise, persistent, and self-motivated nature, Maxwell also has a great sense of mathematical beauty and elegance. He has conducted research with Krzysztof Sliwa exploring an alternative model of the Universe. His commitment and creativity in this line of research bear the hallmarks of a budding research mathematician or theoretical physicist.