Mid-Year Proposed Agenda*

Sunday, July 21st

4:00 to 5:30 Consortium Members Meetings
Held at the Fletcher School on Tufts University Campus in Medford MA

Monday, July 22nd

Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Westfall Bates, Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Improving Dental Safety with HIT

General Sessions

Consistency of Care and axiUm 2020 Highlights – Exan Software

Tufts Dental Facility Clinic for Patients with Disabilities – Dr. Darren Drag, Tufts University

Implementation of Epic and Wisdom in the dental clinics – Dr. Scott Phillips, University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry

Breakout Sessions

Change Management & User Access Control – University of Texas
Benchmarking & Key Performance Indicators – Tufts University
Patient Access Team, metrics and Training – University of Kentucky
Medical Billing – University of Iowa
Managing Inbound Commuication – Virginia Commonwealth University
Implant Tracking Module – University of Maryland
Prep & E-Posting of Patient and Insurance Pmts – University of Iowa
Using data from axiUm for Grant Funding – COHRI

General Session

HIPAA Privacy & Security – Tufts University, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tour of Dental School
Cocktail Reception – 14th & 15th floor of Dental School

Tuesday, July 23rd

General Sessions

Mid-Year 2020 Invitation – University of Pennsylvania

Power Business Intelligence vs Tableau – Panel Discussion

Hackathon & Curriculum Development – Tufts University

Digital Dentistry at Scale – Hudson CIO, Touro College of Dental Medicine

Breakout Sessions

Patient Complaints/Care – Tufts University
Materials Management Roadmap – Envi, Tufts University
Onboarding – NYU, University of Washington
Inbound Referral Module – University of Maryland, Panel Discussion
Faculty Access
Faculty Incentive Process and Reporting – East Carolina University
Training Discussion Workgroup – Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Minnesota
ePrescriptions – Touro College of Dental Medicine
Focus Group Sessions

Clambake at Tufts University

Wednesday, July 24th

General Sessions

Exan Update and Invite to Summit 2020

EHR Alternatives – University of Michigan
Integrating Medicine into Dentistry – Beyond the Clinic – TUSDM
Digital Dentistry – TUSDM

Tufts University Send Off

*Subject to Change

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