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The chair of my dissertation committee was Professor William Newcomb of the Department of Applied Science at the University of California at Davis, who represents the mathematical side of my academic ancestry. Professor Allan Kaufman of the Department of Physics at the University of California at Berkeley, with whom I did most of my thesis work, represents the physical side. You can learn more about many (though not all) of the people below by clicking on the pictures. I would be most grateful to hear about any errors or omissions on this page.

Bruce Michael Boghosian
U. Cal. Davis (1987)

William A. Newcomb
Cornell University (1952)

Allan Nathan Kaufman
U. Chicago (1953)

Mark Kac
Lvov, Poland (1937)

Marvin Leonard Goldberger
U. Chicago (1948)

Hugo Dyonizy Steinhaus
Göttingen (1911)

Enrico Fermi
University of Pisa (1922)

David Hilbert
Dissertation: Königsberg (1885)

Luigi Puccianti
University of Pisa (1898)

Carl Louis
Ferdinand von Lindemann

Erlangen (1873)

Felix Christian Klein
Bonn (1868)

Julius Plücker
Elberfeld (1829?)

Rudolph Otto
Sigismund Lipschitz

University of Berlin (1853)

Johann Peter Gustav
Lejeune Dirichlet

Bonn (1827)

Martin Ohm
Erlangen-Nurnberg (1811)

Siméon Denis Poisson
École Polytechnique, Paris (1800)

Joseph Fourier

École Normale, Paris (1795?)

Karl Christian
von Langsdorf

Joseph Louis Lagrange

Pierre-Simon Laplace
?, (1770?)

Gaspard Monge
?, (1769?)

Jean Le Rond d’Alembert

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