Medford: 4/1 and 4/2, 9am-12 pm, SEC 117*

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*NOTE: Medford workshop has been moved to a larger room

4/1: Braker 002 (computers available)

4/2: Braker 226 (bring your own laptop)

Boston: 4/8 and 4/9, 9am-12 pm, Sackler 514
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Instructor: Rebecca Batorsky, TTS Senior Bioinformatics Specialist

High throughput RNA sequencing allows genome-wide investigation of gene expression and regulation. However, designing an experiment and choosing the right tools for analysis can be challenging. This two-day course aims to teach the basics of obtaining and analyzing RNA-seq data: Experiment design, quality control, alignment and visualization of reads and differential expression analysis. Analysis will be done with tools available on the Tufts High Performance Compute Cluster and tutorials will be made on the Tufts Biotools website.

Day 1:
Experiment design
Quality Control
Alignment and visualization of reads

Day 2:
Introduction to R
Differential Expression

This workshop will be appropriate for those starting out with RNA-seq analysis. We’ll assume only basic familiarity with Linux and Tufts High Performance Computer Cluster. Familiarity with R is helpful, but not required.

TTS offers workshops on these topics in Medford, Grafton and Boston campuses which can be found on the Data Lab Website

Please Request Cluster account prior to the workshop

If you are new to Linux or Tufts HPC and unable to attend an in-person introductory session, please contact us at and we’ll get you up to speed