Blog 10: Reflection

Thoughts on the Class

I most enjoyed the IoT lectures because I see this technology growing very rapidly in the future. 

I would have liked to go into more detail in all of the topics covered; however, that wouldn’t be possible without adjusting the time spent on other interesting topics. I think that if I had to spend less time on one subject area, then it would have been the GPS/GIS section. I found the GPS and GIS to be very interesting; however, I felt like it is such a vast subject area that I did not learn a whole lot about GPS and GIS due to time constraints. 

I also think that the big final project should be re-adjusted. Due to the nature of the Gigglebots, it was not possible to have four people work on the coding element of the project, so in most teams only one person was responsible for the main part of the project, which was the programming of the Gigglebots to complete challenge 1 and 2.  

What topics do you think should be added to future years?  

Besides the GPS/GIS removal, I don’t think that there should be any additional topics added or removed. I think that the course covers so many relevant topics already that it would be interesting to go into farther depth with the existing topics.  Lastly, I think that an assignment that researches current market offerings of the technology we learn about in class would be very interesting. For example, I liked the blog articles because I usually wrote about the real world applications of the technologies that we covered in class. My favorite blog post that I wrote about was AmazonGo–a high tech, cashier-less store. In conclusion, I really enjoyed ENP 162 and feel like I learned a whole lot.


  1. I agree that the GiggleBot project was a bit difficult considering how many people were involved and the scope. I also agree that the GPS section seemed super brief,. I would’ve liked to a bit more on that, or have the GPS/GIS component be the big project.

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