HW3 – Project Plan

Gantt Version 3 – 4/5/2020

Gantt Version 2 – 3/11/2020

Homework 3 – Project Plan

Joseph Poirier, Ethan Donnelly, and Alec Portelli

February 5th, 2020

Our plan has three phases and at their most basic levels, phase 1 will be the research and design preparation phase, phase 2 will be the design phase, and phase 3 will be prototyping and project reviewing phase. Phase 1 will focus on the main problem at hand and identifying the needs of the user effectively. A plan for the rest of the project will be constructed based on these parameters.

Phase 2 will focus on brainstorming designs to solve our problem while staying true to the user needs established in phase 1. In order for the product to be successful for the user, many designs will be drafted and considered before moving to the material design phase.

The ideal phase 3 will include prototyping the best designs accumulated during phase 2 and deciding which one satisfies the user needs the most. Throughout the entire project, documentation of our milestones, research, and failures will be essential so the thoroughness of this aspect of our project will be evaluated and altered if it is found to be inadequate. 

While we know we have strict deadlines to meet, we plan on finishing before each one of them to allow us more time to ideate, regroup, and continue the iterative design process. Each member of the group understands his role, and that the Gantt chart shows clearly who is completing and contributing and who is not. We designed this chart with equal share in mind, so that if one person is not doing their work, he is held responsible. The group has dedicated itself to the team dynamics that were established at the beginning of the semester. 

The group also plans to regularly meet once or twice a week, depending when members are free. There is also constant communication over text messaging to ensure that everyone is able to express what is needed to complete the project. 

Gantt Chart Link: Version 1 – 2/5/2020

Gantt Chart Link: Version 2 – 2/19/2020