HW4 – Brainstorm and Design Concepts

February 12th, 2020

We are now beginning phase 2 of our vinyl design with the brainstorm phase. Now that we have collected our user needs, it is time to start ideating as many solutions as possible. We first wrote down our “Must Haves” and brainstormed from there. We thought that by first doing the “Must Haves” we would begin to ideate the most important features without getting distracted by “Would Be Nice to Haves.” We then looked at the ideas that we had and began to incorporate the “Nice to Haves”, which accelerated the ideation process. Incorporating the “Nice to Haves” enabled us to come up with different versions of some of the original ideas because we were able to build off of them in a bunch of different ways. Because of this, we now had a bunch of ideas that we could start working.

The User Needs section of the board
The User Needs section of the board which was the jumping point for our brainstorm
Our User Wants
Our User Wants

We began exploring some of the design specifications based on some of the ideas that we were able to generate. However, we were not married to any of the design specifications. Our initial brainstorm led to a slew of ideas.

Some of our design ideas
Design specifications along with a lot of the different ideas that we began generating

Through brainstorming based on needs and then incorporating the wants, we were able to produce a wide variety of designs.

Our entire brainstorming session

After the brainstorming process, we then began to analyze which ideas were our favorites. Each group member had 5 votes they could use to pick which one they liked best (could use more than 1 vote on an idea). When voting we thought about: difficulty, aesthetic, functionality, but most importantly what fit most into the user needs and then the user wants.

The results were that we liked our “clam shell” idea, which received 7 votes. We liked this idea because it is a very functional yet aesthetically pleasing way to display the vinyls. It would serve as a piece of furniture, rather than be hung on the wall. The frame idea (number 4) got a total of 3 votes because of its very functional design in how it displays the vinyl and the artwork along the wall. Design number 6 received 3 votes because it is also a very unique way in displaying vinyls from an axel of some sort, and that can be spun around. It is a very decorative way in displaying the vinyls, yet also takes up a lot of space and is hard to show a lot of the artwork all at the same time. Design number 5 got 2 votes because it is a very simple, easy to mass produce piece of hardware that is very minimalist, and yet has incredibly high functionality. However, we were concerned with the safety of the vinyl, as it could come off the wall at any point if hit in the wrong direction.

With our voting process, we are now figuring out which ones we would maybe like to persist. However, we still need to weigh out the pros and cons of each design, before we proceed with our final choice.