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justin wang | biomedical engineering 2024

Justin, one of the two Co-Presidents of BMES, is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering with aspirations to pursue an MD/PhD dual degree in the future. He’s most interested in studying neuroscience, the cardiovascular system, and immunology— and is disproportionately excited to talk about cool research ideas or answer any questions you might have. Outside of academics, Justin plays video games like VALORANT, and enjoys ranting about anything sci-fi.

jake blum | biomedical engineering 2024

Jake, one of our BMES Co-Presidents, is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Music. In the future, Jake hopes to pursue an MD and subsequently work at the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare. On campus, he is also involved with Public Harmony and Hillel, and does protein engineering research in the Kaplan Lab. In his free time, Jake loves to ski, bike, golf, and play music.

Secretary & ESC Representative

isabel hansmann| biomedical engineering 2024

Isabel is a junior majoring in BME, with hopes of getting started soon with graduate classes and possibly pursuing a PhD. She’s the current VP of the Engineering Student Council and does her best to use her E-Board positions to provide resources and support to fellow classmates. As a FIRST student, she has a lot of experience being confused about college and loves being someone available to talk to, whether for questions or casual conversation. She finds lab work to be interesting and is incredibly excited when she can work with some Arduino or CAD project in NOLOP. Outside of academics, some of her favorite things include art, which she’s now transitioned into using NuPastel and charcoal for, and music, which she often has lovely conversations with Anushka about.


yashas basavarajappa | biomedical engineering 2024

Yashas is a junior studying biomedical engineering on the premed track. His research interests revolve around biomaterials and tissue engineering. Outside of class Yashas is a tutor at TLC and works in Davis Square as a medical assistant. In his free time Yashas enjoys playing basketball, working out, F1, and is a diehard Boston sports fan. Feel free to reach out to him for any BME or premed related questions!


hannah kang | biomedical engineering 2024

Hannah is a junior studying biomedical engineering with a minor in human factors engineering. She is still undecided on what she wants to do specifically in BME but has an interest in optometry and pharmacology. She also wants to work with biomaterials and/or tissue engineering in the research industry after college. She is a part of SWE at Tufts and would be open to giving advice/recommendations about classes and anything else at Tufts. In her free time, she enjoys doing digital art, reading, and browsing through Spotify playlists (pls give her book/song recommendations)

Career Development Chair

derek hiscox | biomedical engineering 2024

Derek is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering. Outside of class, he works in the Kaplan Lab working on a project researching a tissue engineered model of skin tissue. Derek has a strong interest in tissue engineering, and plans to pursue a career in this field post-graduation. Outside of school, Derek enjoys playing and watching sports, hiking, and reading about history and science. Feel free to reach out with any career or research related questions!

Research Chair

fatimah mumuney | biomedical engineering 2024

Fatimah is a junior studying biomedical engineering on the premed track. She is currently working with the Intestinal Tissue Engineering group in the Kaplan Lab. She is also a Teaching Assistant for 3 BME classes : Innovations in BME, Reproductive Engineering, and Sci-fi Engineering. Fatimah  recently got her Nursing Assistant certificate and hopes to start working as a Nursing Assistant soon. She is also involved with the STEM Ambassador outreach program on campus. Fatimah enjoys cooking, crocheting, watching tv shows with friends, and has recently been getting back into tennis. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions/ advice you may have!

Social Chair

meg radke | biomedical engineering 2024

Meg is a junior studying biomedical engineering with a minor in political science.  She researches engineered tissue scaffolds in the Kaplan lab.  Next semester, she is planning on doing a co-op, and after college, Meg wants to pursue a PhD.  Outside of classes, Meg spends her time knitting, cooking, and drinking tea.  She’d love to answer any of your class, research, co-op or other BME questions!

Community Outreach Chair

anushka chadha | biomedical engineering 2024

Anushka is a junior studying biomedical engineering. She is currently working on tissue engineering projects in the Kaplan Lab and hopes to pursue a PhD one day (maybe also an MPH?). She also works as an intern at the LGBT Center. Anushka enjoys listening to music from around the world (her favorite artists right now are Luiz Bonfá and Belle and Sebastian), watching movies with friends, and biking around the city. She’d love to talk about outreach/mentoring opportunities and class recommendations, among other things, with you.


tallia dudley | biomedical engineering 2024

Tallia is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering with plans to minor in entrepreneurship. She hopes to go straight into industry after graduating from Tufts and is interested in drug delivery, lab management, and marketing. She is currently a STEM Ambassador as well as the founder of BIPOC in BME. Tallia is both a Questbridge Scholar and Gates Scholar and is a member of the FIRST community here at Tufts. If you have any questions, personal or academic, or just want someone to talk to (especially if you are BIPOC and/or a FIRST student) please don’t hesitate to reach out to her! Outside of school, Tallia enjoys spending time with friends & family, buying squishmallows, playing tennis and basketball, and watching movies.

Senior Class Representative

james elwell | biomedical engineering 2023

James is a senior majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in dance with interests in drug delivery and device manufacturing. He currently interns full-time at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the Karp/Lee Lab developing orally ingestible devices designed to improve delivery through the small intestine. Outside of his coursework and internship, he is involved in the Tufts Tap Ensemble as the co-director and a choreographer as well as Harlem Grooves Dance Ensemble as the treasurer and a choreographer.

Junior Class Representative

seungeun kim | biomedical engineering 2024

Seungeun is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering with interests in oncology and therapeutics. She is planning to pursue a PhD degree in the future. As an international student, she’s involved in a few culture clubs on campus. In her free time, she likes singing and playing games with her friends.

Sophomore Class Representative

jed quiaoit | biomedical engineering 2025

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