Past Boards

2021-2022 Officer Positions

President: Miles Arnett | Biomedical Engineering 2022

President: Yves Gatete | Biomedical Engineering 2022

secretary: Meital Agagi | biomedical engineering 2022

treasurer: Marguerite Blanc| biomedical engineering 2022

vice-treasurer: Yashas Basavarajappa | biomedical engineering 2024

career development chair: Jake Blum | Biomedical Engineering 2024

career development chair: Amelia Gleixner | Biomedical Engineering 2024 

research chair: Fatimah Mumuney | Biomedical Engineering 2024

social chair: Rachel McGinn | Biomedical Engineering 2022

community outreach chair: Anushka Chadha | Biomedical Engineering 2024

webmaster: Alexa Galuppo | biomedical engineering 2022

assistant webmaster: Tallia Dudley | biomedical engineering 2024

Senior class representative: Jerry Chen | Biomedical Engineering 2022

Junior class representative: James Elwell| biomedical engineering 2023

Sophomore class representative: Isabel Hansmann| biomedical engineering 2024

Freshman class representative: Jed Quiaoit | biomedical engineering 2025

2020-2021 Officer Positions

President: julian batt | biomedical engineering 2021

President: kimberly bockley | biomedical engineering 2021

secretary: meital agagi | biomedical engineering 2022

treasurer: marguerite blanc| biomedical engineering 2022

vice-treasurer: yashas basavarajappa | biomedical engineering 2024

career development chair: miles arnett | biomedical engineering 2022

career development chair: joe poirier | biomedical engineering 2021 

research chair: yves gatete | biomedical engineering 2022

social chair: rachel mcginn | biomedical engineering 2022

community outreach chair: elizabeth barton | biomedical engineering 2021

webmaster: alexa galuppo | biomedical engineering 2022

Senior class representative: AJ peck| biomedical engineering 2021

Junior class representative: bryce victor| biomedical engineering 2022

Sophomore class representative: james elwell| biomedical engineering 2023

Freshman class representative: evy miller-nuzzo | biomedical engineering 2024

Liaison: amelia gleixner | biomedical engineering 2024

2019-2020 Officer Positions

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Black

Co-Presidents: Joelle Bosia and JJ Batt

Co-Treasurers: Lydia Vignale and Aonkon Dey

Secretary: Samee Mushtak

Career Development Chairs: Nathan Sandler and Miles Arnett

Research Chair: Ryan Donaldson

Social Chair: Kimberly Bockley

Community Outreach Chair: Allison Kumarasensa

Webmaster: AJ Peck

Class Representatives: Sidney Tanioka and Joel Lima

2018-2019 Officer Positions

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Black

Co-Presidents: Nathan S. and Kelsey K.

Co-Treasurers: Lydia V. and Sidney T.

Secretary: Samee Mushtak

Career Development Chair: Michael K.

Social Chair: Annie W.

Community Outreach Co-Chair: Joelle B. and AJ P.

Research Chair: Ryan D.

Senior Advisor: Daniel L.

2015-2016 Officer Positions

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Black

President: Yuki I.

Vice President: Zack L.

Treasurer: Ava S.

Treasurer Apprentice: Arin N.

Secretary & Public Relations: Jaclyn F.

Career Development Chair: Heather M.

Career Development Apprentice: Michael G.

Community Outreach Co-Chair: Nicholas A. and Rachel A.

Social Chair: Megan T.

Public Relations Representative: Arin N.

Web Master/Historian: Tyler K.

Sophomore Class Representative: Rachel A.

Graduate Representative: Emily E. and Robert G.

Freshman Representative: Gonzalo A.

Note: to contact the executive board, send an email to

2014-2015 Officer Positions

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Black

Presidents: Yuki I. and Heather M.

Treasurer: Ava S.

Secretary & Public Relations: Jaclyn F.

Career Development Chair: Watson G.

Outreach Chair: Yusi Gong

Social Chair: Emily E.

Web Master/Historian: Kathleen L.

Intercollegiate Relations Officer: Zack L.

Graduate Representative: Jordan S.

2013-2014 Officer Positions

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Black

President: Sharada S.

Vice President: Yuki I.

Treasurer: Heather M.

Secretary & Public Relations: Jaclyn F.

Career Development Chair: Ava S.

Outreach Chair: Kathleen L.

Social Co-chairs: William W. & Emily E.

Graduate Representative: Nick B.

2012-2013 Officer Positions (and contact information)

Faculty Advisor: Lauren B.,

President: Nick B.,

Vice President: Bentley H.,

Treasurer: Sharada S.,

Secretary: Jesse M.,

Event Coordinator: Misaki N.,

Webmaster: Jason L.,

Class representatives

·      Graduate Students: Anthony R.,

·      Senior: Derek M.,

·      Junior: Will W.,

·      Sophomore: Derek K.,

·      Freshmen: Daniella D., Shira Faigel, Heather McSherry


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