3 Flashforge Creator Pros

1 Sindoh 3DWOX201

About the Tool: Additive manufacturing. Prints a 3D part layer by layer.

Location: Mechatronics Lab (Room 111)

Access: 3D Printer training required. No prerequisites.

The Bray Lab 3D printers are meant for educational purposes such as classwork, club, or personal use. These machines may not be used for downloading and printing objects off the internet.

File types: .stl

Creator Pro (dual extrudes): White PLA and Black TPU
Sindoh (single extruder): White PLA
For information on the properties of these materials visit MatterHackers 3D Printing Filament Comparison webpage.

Build size:
Creator Pro: 225mm x 150 mm x 145 mm (8.8 in x 5.9 in x 5.7 in)
Sindoh: 200 x 200 x 189mm (7.9in x 7.9 in x 7.4in)

Layer thickness:
Creator Pro: 0.3 mm
Sindoh: 0.05 ~ 0.4 mm

XY Accuracy: unknown


Please visit the Design Programs webpage for design program recommendation.

Please visit the Dual Extrusion webpage to learn how to print with the white PLA and black TPU in the same project.

Use helper discs to hold down corners

Setup Flashforge Creator Pro, MakerFleet Online Software

  • Navigate to bray.makerfleet.com and create an account or login.
  • Upload a model in the MODELS tab (left column menu).
    • Select MODELS tab
    • Select “+ New Model” button or select a model that has already been uploaded
    • Drop a file or click to upload a file

  • Adjust Model Settings
    • Choose the Model Name
    • Adjust numerical settings (Rotate & Scale)
    • Use the visualizers to identify surface quality (if there are lots of red, try reorienting the part so it’s better 3D printed)
    • Use the 1st layer check to ensure that the piece is touching the bed
    • Click “Move to print page” to save the settings

  • Adjust Printer Configuration
    • Select fleet
    • Select printer type
    • Select material (PLA or TPU)
    • Skip the extra options since these are presets
    • Printer availability is shown at the bottom of this pop-up
    • Press save

  • Prepare Models
    • Option to change settings
    • Arrange models (if printing multiple models at once)
    • Option to change print name, add support, add brim, add more models and auto-arrange models.
    • In advanced settings, change the infill density, perimeters and support angle. For infill density, we recommend 10%.

  • Save print job
  • View print job stats (time and material that will be used) at the top of the screen
  • View layers and preview print

  • Start print job

Setup Flashforge Creator Pro, Makerbot Desktop Software

  • Add File to Makerbot Desktop software
    • Select File -> Open or select the Add File button to import a design.
  • Check that your object fits within the print bed.
  • Add helper disks if the print is wide or long to prevent the print from curling on the corners. File -> Examples -> Helper-Disks. These can later be cut off with a utility knife. Place the helper disks at each corner of the print.

  • Select the object then choose to print it with the left or right extruder in Object Information. Make sure that there is enough material remaining for print by looking at the spool behind the printer that corresponds to the selected extruder.

Object info

  • Select your print quality in Settings. The only difference between the settings is the fill density, and therefore how long the print will take to complete, and how strong it is.
    • Low, fill=10%
    • Standard, fill=20%
    • High, fill=30%

3D printer settings

Safe Operation

  • Select Preview to receive a time estimate of your print.
  • Select Print
    • The machine will take a few minutes to heat up before it will begin printing.
  • Watch the machine for at least the first 30 minutes of the print to ensure the printed material adheres to the bed and the object is printing correctly.


  • Remove your 3D print and all plastic debris from the 3D printer
  • Throw excess material in the trash.

Sindoh Software Guide