Experiments requests can be submitted for the equipment listed below. Once the request is received, it will be assigned to a staff member who will operate the equipment taking into account the requestee’s needs.
Experiment request from the Mechanical Engineering department for course related activities will be prioritized.


Dynamic Testing Instron Drop Tower Impact System
Hardness Testing Rockwell Hardness Tester
Motion Testing Vicon Motion Capture System
Static Testing Instron 5800R Tensile and Compression Test System 


Materials must be covered by the requester. For example through research or course project funding.

Research groups will be chargedĀ $75/hr. There’s no charge for courses.


  1. Read through this page for necessary details
  2. Complete your Bray User Profile
  3. Submit an Experiment Request Form [link at bottom of page]
  4. An employee will review your request and contact you within one business via email.
  5. If applicable, drop off material within 24 hours after receiving notification that your request was approved. Instructions below.
  6. A Bray TA will contact you after the experiment is complete with results.

Material Drop-Off

  • Label your material with your full name
  • Bray Lab is located at 504 Boston Ave. Medford
  • The Drop-Off Bin is located next to front entrance doors of Bray Lab on Boston Ave side.
  • Although Bray Lab is not responsible for stolen material, rest assured materials will be obtained from the bin throughout each weekday.

Important Notes

  • You will be receiving email updates
    • For follow up questions
    • If the request is denied with reasoning (for example, our machines don’t have the required precision)
    • If the request is approved & in progress
    • When the experiment is complete
  • We are a small team with immense responsibility this semester, your patience and support is greatly appreciated

Experiment Request Form