Trunk Tools vs. Canvas Tools

If you use Trunk, you might depend on a particular Trunk tool. Maybe you use Resources to upload files and distribute them to your students, or maybe you use the Tests & Quizzes tool for weekly assessments. You might post Announcements about important course information or set up Forums to get your students talking. You’ll be able to do all that – and more – in Canvas.

Canvas offers many of the same tools that Trunk does, but they may have different names and work in different ways. Below is a list of common Trunk tools, what those tools are called in Canvas, and more information about how the Canvas tools work. 

In TrunkIn CanvasLearn more
AnnouncementsAnnouncementsHow do I make an announcement in a course?
Video - Announcements Overview (Instructors)
AssignmentsAssignmentsHow do I create an assignment?
Video - Assignments Overview (Instructors)
Video - Assignment Creation (Instructors)
CalendarCalendarHow do I use the Calendar?
Video - Calendar Overview (Instructors)
ForumsDiscussionsHow do I create a discussion as an instructor?
Video - Discussions Overview (Instructors)
GradebookGradesHow do I use the Gradebook?
Video - Gradebook Overview (Instructors)
LessonsModulesWhat are Modules?
How do I add a module?
Video - Modules: Creation and Management (Instructors)
MessagesInbox - ConversationsWhat are Conversations?
How do I send a message to a user in a course in Conversations?
Video - Communication Overview (Instructors)
My WorkspaceDashboard / Courses / Notifications / ProfileHow do I use the Dashboard?
How do I customize my Courses list?
Video - Notification Preferences (All Users)
Video - User Settings and Profile Picture (All Users)
ResourcesFilesHow do I use Files as an instructor?
Video - Files: Add Course Content (Instructors)
RosterPeopleHow do I use the People page as an instructor?
Video - People Overview (Instructors)
Sign-upCalendar - SchedulerWhat is the Scheduler?
How do I create an appointment group in the Scheduler?
SyllabusSyllabusHow do I use the Syllabus as an instructor?
Video - Syllabus Overview (Instructors)
Tests & QuizzesQuizzesWhat are Quizzes for instructors?
How do I create a quiz with individual questions?
Video - Quiz Creation: Questions (Instructors)
Video - Quiz Creation: Settings (Instructors)