Rollout update: Who’s moving to Canvas in 2018?

After a successful first semester using Canvas at select Tufts schools and programs, we are looking forward to bringing Canvas to the rest of the community.

Which schools and programs are moving to Canvas this year?

Additional schools and programs will begin using Canvas on the dates listed below:

  • All Tufts Summer Session courses will begin using Canvas in May 2018.
  • All courses at the School of Dental Medicine will begin using Canvas in July 2018. This includes courses in the D.M.D. program, combined degree programs, and postgraduate programs.
  • The School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering will begin using Canvas for Fall courses in September 2018.

Courses at the Fletcher School, the Friedman School, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts have been using Canvas since Fall 2017.

When can I start working on my Canvas course site?

We expect course sites will be available for Summer Session courses the week of February 5. Course sites will be available for Fall ASE courses in mid-March. Instructors of Summer and Fall courses will be notified via email when course sites are ready.

Will my course material be moved to Canvas?

We have developed tools and procedures to migrate files, assignments, assessments, and other materials from TUSK and Trunk to Canvas. The details of content migration may vary from school to school, but we will provide everyone with an easy way to migrate material from their current system to Canvas.

Are Trunk and TUSK going away? Will I be able to access old materials on Trunk and TUSK?

Trunk and TUSK are still in active, fully-suppported use. You are able to log into the systems as you always have and access previous course sites and material. When we determine a date that we will stop supporting Trunk and TUSK we will communicate that information to users with plenty of advance notice.

How will I learn how to use Canvas?

At the Dental School, the Educational Technology staff, with support from TTS Educational Technology Services, will offer training workshops to instructors and staff in the spring.

At all other schools and programs, Educational Technology Services will offer a variety of online and in-person training sessions and workshops. Training will be offered at the Medford and Health Sciences campuses. We are working with partners in individual programs and departments to organize these training sessions and scheduled dates will be posted on the Training Calendar as soon as they are determined.