DISCUSSION: Generation Why

Choose one paragraph and explain how it’s working. What moves is Smith using? How is she supporting her points? You can comment on what she’s saying and whether or not you agree, but I also would like you to consider the movements of a paragraph that you think are particularly successful.

DISCUSSION: “My So-Called (Instagram) Life” and “Social Media Got You Down?”

Your response should be 200-300 words. You can respond to my question below, or you’re free to write about whatever you found interesting in the readings.

Wortham distinguishes between “our actual selves” and our online selves while Dollar seems to suggest that we can’t tidily divide our selves into two parts (in person/online). What do you think? Why?

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This course is primarily an expository writing course. Although we will be reading for content in addition to technique, our goal here is to make you better writers and thinkers by working through mechanics of structure and argumentation that will be useful not only for the humanities, but for the many fields of study you want to pursue.