Expectations and Texts

Groups will be responsible for co-teaching our class one day this semester. This means that not only will you lead our class discussion and activities, but you will also select our materials for that day. Feel free to incorporate handouts, group work, or any other techniques to keep the class lively and engaged!

While I encourage co-teachers to use multimedia materials, your group must also incorporate a written work into your teaching. Perhaps that means assigning an article to read. Perhaps that means using an article as part of your lesson plan. Either way, your plan should include some written component, and we should discuss the writing in a meaningful and rigorous way. What is the text arguing? How? How does it manage counter arguments? What types of evidence does the author use? Is the evidence successful?

Co-teachers will not need to write a blog post for the day that they teach; instead, co-teachers will post 2 discussion questions based on the reading for the rest of the class to respond to in their blog posts.

Some texts and ideas you might consider:

  • Roxane Gay, “Confessions of a Bad Feminist” (TEDTalk) & “Not Here to Make Friends” (Buzzfeed)
  • The Bechdel Test (idea / comic strip) with Gone Girl (film)
  • The Mask You Live In (film)
  • Miss Representation (film)
  • The Hunger Games (film) with “The Hunger Games’s Feral Feminism” (The Nation)
  • Barack Obama, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” (Glamour)
  • Stephanie Auteri, “When Should Kids Start Learning About Sex and Consent?” (The Atlantic)
  • Kate Poor, “Is Gender F***ing With Our Fantasies?” (The Rumpus)
  • Ruth Padawer, “Keeping Up With Being Kept” (New York Times Magazine)
  • The Hunting Ground (film) & “Abolish Fraternities” (Tufts Observer)
  • Hot Girls Wanted (film or one episode of TV series)
  • Gender Revolution with Katie Couric (film) & selected article from accompanying National Geographic issue on gender
  • Jenna Wortham, “Is RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race’ The Most Radical Show on TV?” (New York Times Magazine)

Please do not feel constrained by this list. Your group is welcome to choose materials not included on this list.

Timeline for this assignment:

  • Your group should email me your selected teaching materials and a skeleton teaching plan on or before March 14 by the end of the day
  • Your group should email me your division of labor plan (who will be responsible for what) for your teaching day on or before March 28 by the end of the day