The Council on Emerging Markets (CEME) is a “think tank” comprising “doers” – experts who range from current and former senior corporate executives, leaders of institutions such as the World Bank and Transparency International, bankers, entrepreneurs, management consultants, journalists, technologists, and at least one presidential candidate – housed within The Fletcher School’s Institute for Business in the Global Context. Our CEME Senior Fellows have deep knowledge of emerging markets, lending very diverse perspectives on a complex world, where even the idea of what is an emerging market has emerged into markets that represent the most nascent, risky, and innovative intersections of business and the global context.

As part of their work, CEME Senior Fellows provide thought leadership and act as experts, project directors, and advisors for IBGC’s various research initiatives. Most importantly, they serve as an extended body of mentors to Fletcher students. Through this mentorship, CEME Senior Fellows complement our faculty to prepare the next generation of leaders that will follow in their footsteps.

CEME is chaired by Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of Global Business at The Fletcher School.

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