Archived Events: Fall 2019

Wednesday, November 20 | 6:00pm | Laminan Lounge — Olin Center
Narges Bajoghli (Johns Hopkins University) 
“Iran Reframed: Anxieties of Power in the Islamic Republic”

Tuesday, November 19 | 6:00pm | Terrace Room, Paige Hall
Joan Naviyuk Kane 
Poetry and non-fiction reading

Thursday, November 14 | 12:00pm | Center for the Humanities
Greg Burris (American University of Beirut)
“Palestine in Black and White”

Tuesday, November 12 | 5:00pm | Interfaith Center, 58 Winthrop St.
Erna Brodber 
“On my way to Emancipation, I found black-space” 

Tuesday, November 5 | 7:00pm | Braker 001
Alain Badiou 
“Philosophy and Cinema”

Wednesday, October 23 | 12:00pm | Center for the Humanities
Medha Bhattacharyya (Bengal Institute of Technology)
“Exploring Coexistence of the Opposites Through Love in Rabindranath Tagore’s Śāntiniketan Essays”

Tuesday, October 22 | 5:30pm | Mugar 200
Amal Ramsis 
Forbidden: Film Screening and Q&A”

Tuesday, October 22 | 2:00pm | Tisch Library, Room 304
Paul Theroux 
“On the Plain of Snakes: A Mexican Journey”

Friday, October 18 | 11:00am | Interfaith Center, 58 Winthrop St.
Maung Nyeu (Harvard University)
“Between Extinction and Hope: Language, Culture, and Spirituality of Indigenous Peoples of Hill Tracts, Bangladesh” 

Thursday, October 10 | 5:30pm | Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room, 15 Talbot Ave.
Diana Allan (McGill University)
“Memory, Family, and Reflection: Palestinians in Lebanon”