Fall 2020

Tuesday, September 22 | 12:00pm | Zoom
James (JT) Thomas (University of Mississippi) 
“The Souls of Jews? Du Bois, Double Consciousness, and the Jewish Question” 

Friday, September 25 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Christina Maranci (Tufts University) 
“An Eternal Monument: Studying the Cathedral of Ani” 

Wednesday, September 30 | 1:00pm | Zoom
Pawan Dhingra (Amherst College) 
“Hyper Education: Why Good Schools, Good Grades, and Good Behavior Are Not Enough” 

Wednesday, September 30 | 3:00pm | Zoom
Mahtowin Munro (United American Indians of New England)
“Sinking Columbus and the Mayflower: Indigenous Struggles, Decolonization, and the Necessity of Solidarity” 

Friday, October 2 – Saturday, October 3
“Refugee Intergration Conference & Arts Festival” 

Friday, October 2 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Jess Keiser (Tufts University) 
“Nervous Fictions: Literary Form and the Enlightenment Origins of Neuroscience” 

Thursday, October 8 | 4:30pm | Zoom
LaShandra Sullivan (Reed College) 
“Black Queer Feminism and the Politics of Revelry in Rio de Janeiro” 

Thursday, October 22 – Sunday, October 25
David Valdes (Tufts University) 
“Downtown Crossing” 

Friday, October 23 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Kareem Khubchandani (Tufts University) 
“Ishtyle: Accenting Gay Indian Nightlife” 

Tuesday, October 27 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Mariana Mora (Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology) 
“Cartographies of justice against the racial effects of preemptive criminalization and the politics of absence in Guerrero, Mexico” 

Friday, November 13 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Lily Mengesha (Tufts University) 
“Material Remains, Settler-Colonial Hauntings: Comparative Indigenous Aesthetics in Performance” 

Wednesday, November 18 | 3:00pm | Zoom
Jemima Pierre (UCLA) and Aisha Beliso-De Jesús (Princeton University)
“Anthropology of White Supremacy: A Critical Discussion” 

Friday, November 20 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Mona El Khoury (Tufts University) 
“Remnants of the Franco-Algerian Rupture: Archiving Postcolonial Minorities”