Fall 2021

Tuesday, September 14 | 12:00pm | Zoom
Marilynne K. Roach (Salem Witch Museum) & Rachel Christ (AG21)
“The Salem Witch Trials: Hauntings from our Civic Past” 

Friday, October 1 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Will Bridges (University of Rochester)
“Epistemology of the Violets: Heuristics toward a Sensorium of Afro-Japanese Co-creativity” 

Thursday, October 14 | 5:30pm | Zoom
Peter Beinart (CNN political commentator; Editor-at-large; Associate Professor)
“Tisch College Solomont Speaker Series: Antisemitism, US-Israel Relations and the Moral Responsibilities of Power” 

Friday, October 15 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Sarah Sobieraj (Tufts)
“Credible Threat: Attacks Against Women Online and the Future of Democracy” 

Friday, October 22 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Tatiana Chudakova (Tufts)
“Mixing Medicines: Ecologies of Care in Buddhist Siberia” 

Friday, October 29 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Yonatan Brafman (Tufts)
“Critique of Halakhic Reason: Religious Norms and Human Reasoning in Jewish Tradition” 

Thursday, November 4 | 6:30pm | Zoom
Medhin Paolos (Artist-in-Residence)
“Film screening of Asmarina with Q&A” 

Friday, November 12 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Jackson Davidow (CHAT Postdoctoral Fellow)
“Picturing a Pandemic: Brian Weil’s AIDS Photographs and Epidemiological Art History” 

Friday, November 19 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Alexis Samuels (CHAT Postdoctoral Fellow)
“’Shaky’ Essences and ‘Stable’ Positions in the Prose of Queer Caribbean Diaspora Writers” 

Friday, December 10 | 1:30pm | Zoom
Jennifer Burton (Faculty Fellow, Tufts)
Sisypha: Pushing to Tell Women’s Stories”