Faculty Public Research Mini Grants

The 2020-2021 Application Period has closed. Read about our grant recipients here.

The Center for the Humanities at Tufts will be making available small grants of up to $5000 to support faculty initiatives in the humanities and social sciences to link current crises — in particular, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement — to research and/or teaching at Tufts. These grants are open to both part-time and full-time faculty. The expectations for this funding would be: 

  • That the projects in some way address one or more of the following themes: health and inequity as these relate to the coronavirus pandemic; addressing inequity in teaching models made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic; exploring histories of racism, white supremacy and police violence; addressing legacies of racism and inequity in higher education; or other topics that address issues of high current significance (e.g. the upcoming elections, #metoo, etc.); 
  • That the projects involve in part some form of public engagement — e.g. a virtual program with a prominent speaker or a panel of speakers; a podcast; developing a website, etc;  
  • That the funds be fully utilized during the upcoming academic year. Any unused funds as of June 1st 2021 would revert back to the Center for the Humanities’ budget. 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until our available funds are allocated. We encourage applications for smaller grants as well as for grants that require the maximum of $5000. The funds will be administered through the Center for the Humanities and can be used for research expenditures, honoraria for speakers, publicity and event planning, and general administrative costs. The funds may not be used for salary or personal expenditures.   

The grant application includes: 

  1. Application Cover Sheet (attachment below)
  2. Project Proposal (500 words or less). Describe the purpose and rationale for this project and how it is linked to our current crises. Outline any future plans or long-term impact of this project. 
  3. Outreach Plan (200 words or less). Since the project must involve some sort of public engagement, explain your outreach plan for engaging the public. 
  4. Budget Justification. Please include an itemized budget for the entire project, including proposed amounts for each particular line item.  

Send completed application as a PDF to the Center for the Humanities at humanities@tufts.eduThe deadline has passed.