Track 3: Boston Emergency Medical Services Apprenticeship Program

COHERE is working in partnership with Boston Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) to provide an apprenticeship program in 2024 and 2025. Trainees that complete COHERE’s new CHW training program are eligible for this apprenticeship program. Stipends will be available.

BEMS is a public safety department for the City of Boston and a recognized leader in emergency medical service in New England. Their main mission is to respond compassionately and effectively to medical emergencies. In addition to this important work, they also engage in emergency preparedness, injury prevention, and community education for the city.

We aim to have 20 trainees participate in the BEMS apprenticeship program each year. This training program is 18 months in length. It begins with a 6-month introduction to the EMT role through the BEMS Recruit Academy, including 3 months of classroom learning and 3 months of on-the-job training with support from training officers. Materials covered include clinical skills, physical training, situational awareness, all hazard preparedness, and documentation. This is followed by 1 year of paid employment for trainees to gain more practical experience.

A total of 2,000 hours of training are required to complete the apprenticeship. This multi-step training experience will provide COHERE trainees with opportunities to apply the skills and concepts taught during the new CHW training in a clinical setting, bringing essential principles of effective communication and assessment, cultural responsiveness, and advocacy to the EMT role. COHERE aims to build a robust healthcare workforce that improves the linguistic capacity and representation of marginalized communities within the City of Boston through this partnership with BEMS.

Eligibility Requirements: Prior completion of Track 1: New CHWs, driver’s license, and ability to lift an adult with assistance

For more information, visit BEMS and email us at