Research Fellows

CIERP trains pre- and post-doctoral research fellows and hosts visiting scholars from around the world.  Fletcher students at the master’s level have opportunities to participate in all types of research. Our students have co-authored journal articles, reports and other publications with CIERP faculty and visiting scholars, and independently published papers of their own.

Fang Zhang, China Research Coordinator & Predoctoral fellow
How governments mobilize domestic finance for innovation: The case of the domestic clean energy sector
Government often plays a crucial and active role in funding technology innovation. Almost every major technical change in recent years can be traced back to state funding. A lack of state financing is a well-recognized barrier to the development of clean energy technologies. This is partially due to insufficient research on how governments can mobilize domestic finance for clean energy innovation, and on which policies are most effective in leveraging investments. My research explores how governments mobilize domestic finance for clean energy innovation based on four country cases: the United States, Germany, China, and India.
Rishikesh Bhandary, Predoctoral Fellow
Mobilizing Climate Finance
Viruses and Venus Fly Traps: the design and effects of national climate funds
This dissertation investigates how developing countries have sought to mobilize climate finance by setting up national climate funds. Through case studies of national climate funds in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, this study harvests early lessons on the opportunities and challenges afforded by national climate funds. The dissertation also utilizes Fiji's ongoing exploratory process of designing its national climate fund as a real-time study of how a country designs its national climate fund.
Zdenka Myslikova, Junior Fellow
Indicators of innovation capabilities in clean energy technologies: Assessing the technology gap between developed and developing countries
Zdenka Myslikova is a PhD candidate at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy with an interest in energy technology innovation, climate policy and regulation. In her doctoral research, she assesses energy technology innovation in the transition countries – what factors are key in motivating energy technology innovation? – and applies the adaptive leadership framework to understand why some countries are leaders in energy technology innovation while others are not. She holds a master’s degree in economics from the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) in Mexico, and before starting her doctorate, she served at Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission.
Easwaran Narassimhan, Junior fellow
Carbon Pricing and its impact on Clean Technology Innovation and Investments
Easwaran is a PhD candidate and a Junior Fellow at the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University. Prior to enrolling in the doctoral program, Easwaran received a Master's degree from The Fletcher School specializing in environmental policy and development economics. As a doctoral student, Easwaran focuses on Innovation and Industrial Policy for Clean Energy Technologies, trying to understand the role of government in transitioning to a low carbon future in developing countries. In addition to his dissertation, Easwaran is currently working on comparing carbon pricing regimes, measuring the environmental efficacy of Chinese overseas energy investments, and assessing the effectiveness of demand side policies to promote electric vehicle in the U.S.
Qi Qi, Junior Fellow
The Cost-Benefit Analysis of China's Climate Policies
Qi is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Economics and Public Policy under the joint supervision of faculty from the Fletcher School and the Department of Economics in Tufts’ School of Arts and Sciences. She has a special interest in using cost-benefit analysis and other types of economic methods to evaluate the climate change policies of China and other countries. For the Climate Policy Lab of CIERP, she is currently working on a paper investigating China’s policies conducive to green investments at home and abroad.
Before coming to Fletcher, she was Senior Research and Program Officer in the China Office of Australia’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, based in the Australian Embassy in Beijing, facilitating bilateral cooperation in the fields of energy and resources. Qi received an MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School and previously an MSc in International Relations from the University of Bristol in the UK.
Abhishek Malhotra, Visiting Scholar
Abhishek Malhotra is a PhD candidate at the Energy Politics Group at ETH Zurich with an interest in technological innovation and electricity access in developing countries. He is currently working on a paper investigating how technological trajectories and underlying processes of interactive learning for clean energy technologies are influenced by technology-inherent characteristics as well as external selection pressures.