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The Russia-Ukraine War and the Obligation to Care for Enemy Wounded by John Cerone
Global Governance in an Era of Pluralism written by Ian Johnstone and Joshua Lincoln
Claims of Genocide and other International Crimes in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict by John Cerone
Defining Effective Transboundary Water Cooperation written by Melissa McCracken
The Russia-Ukraine War: Who and What Can Be Targeted Under International Humanitarian Law by John Cerone

Previous Years’ Publications

Talking International Law, Legal Argumentation outside of the Courtroom by Ian Johnstone & Steven Ratner

Diagonal Export Controls to Counter Diagonal Transnational Attacks on Civil Society by Herbert Lin & Joel Trachtman

R. Scott Appleby and the Power of Framing by Monica Duffy Toft

Rescuing Human Rights by Hurst Hannum

Will the Trump Administration Change International Diplomacy? by Eileen Babbitt

Measuring Social Change by Alnoor Ebrahim

The Crime of Aggression, Humanity, and the Soldier by Tom Dannenbaum

Real Leaders Negotiate! by Jeswald Salacuse

Responsibility to Protect: Time to Reassess by Eileen Babbit

Military Officer Aptitude in the All-Volunteer Force by Michael Klein

National Security and Double Government by Michael Glennon

Law and Practice of the United Nations by Simon ChestermanIan JohnstoneDavid M. Malone

The Oxford Handbook of International Organizations edited by Jacob Katz Cogan, Ian Hurd & Ian Johnstone

Trade Law, Domestic Regulation and Development by Joel Trachtman

The Tools of Argument by Joel Trachtman

Negotiating Life by Jeswald Salacuse

Autonomy, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination: The Accommodation of Conflicting Rights by Hurst Hannum